Questions about Bali, Indonesia

How do I get the easiest/fastest/cheapest way from Bali to Kalimantan (Borneo) to visit the Tanjung Puting Orangutans?

what do you eat for breakfast (balinese food)

Im looking for a new bodyboard. are there any shops in bali that sell decent stuff. im looking for the VS Ryan Hardy Thanks

Can anyone tell me if the Flying Piano restaurant and Bar has reopened after pedro Died in April. Situated in JL Werkudara legian....

any recommendation on good travel guide who able to drive a 10 sitter car?

Staying at padma resort, legian, with 12 year old daughter, 6 days what are some things to do, see etc ?tours a good idea?

we are staying in candidasa can you suggest places to visit around the area and maybe close by thank you

Hi, im an Elvis impersonator,does the Hard Rock has artists performing there, or do you know a couple of hotels that do, im there in...

where are the reggae clubs in bali?

can you tell what is the hotel name next to alley carts restaraunt in poppies two,?

what fun things in Bali for kids but are to do with your spirituality?

how much can a good meal cost in bali

what would be the best club to hire out for my birthday while in bali in november?

Does anyone have an email for sharkeys at Jimbaran bay to make a large booking?

Someone told me there is a makan place by the rocks of the clif. Where I can view sunset and good dinner. Where is the place in Bali?

Is taking USD with me to Bali a good idea? Or would I survive with EUR? Or is anyway the best to pay in IDR?

Which seafood restaurants at Jimbaran bay do you recommend. Also I heard that different parts of Jimbaran bay have different reputation.

would like to go and see a reggae band while in bali but have 2 children ages 10 and 12 is there anywhere that would be ok to take them to

Hi. Can anyone recommend a good wedding planner who won't rip us off because we are not in Bali? Bearing in mind, we have been to Bali...

kama sutra is there anything else to do besides dancing and drinking

Besides Lion Airlines are other airlines flying from Denpasar to Semarang and back?

Jimbaran Seafood- How not to get cheated by vendors asking for high price? I heard there are two menu? What are the things to take note ?

Hi, I am looking for a traditional balinese restaurant/cafe. somewhere that the balinese people eat at in KUTA/LEGION area

Hello, Would you please tell me when and what date the bull races will be? Thank you

where do you buy good quality reasonably priced ladys clothing in kuta bali

Hi, I am taking my son to Bali and he's fatally allergic to all seafood. Does any one have any restaurant suggestions??

What are some good bars and area for singles lesbians to party?

Is Glory restuarant in Legion still open?

i have been to bali many times, but i cant seem to find a bar that caters for the over 35 , i want a really good crowd , kuta / legian

hi, i would like to know a nice, safe and cheap hotel near the airport?

what is the best detox or health place to go in bali

can we get windsurf lessons in Bali?

I am traveling with 2 kids, 14 and 12. I need to find a good quality and safe hotel located on or near a beach with good price value.

i am 63 yrs old. healthy and fit- where is a good area to live and experience life in bali, on a budget for a few months.

top 10 spa

What does it cost to go to Water Bom Park ?

Who is the best companies to do atv tours with in Ubud???

where can I hire a becak in Kuta, I will need about 7 of them.

what is best hotel to stay in Kuta?

What is the name of e female dj from singapore on wed night last 24th april 2013?

I will be turning 18 while in Bali in November this year. Is there any party/club venues I can hire out for myself and all my friends?

can you please guide me to rumours restaurant from queens tandoor ? imagining that queens tandoor is on my left

Hi there, I am just wondering if the Galaxy Sports Bar is Seminyak is wheelchair friendly? Cheers

Have you heard about Piggy's Bar in Poppies lane 2.

Hi there! I couldn't found this restaurant yesterday, is it still open? Thanks!

Is there any theatre with western standard in Bali?

where is the best and cheapest thai restaurant in Kuta please

tell me the names of nice classy bars in nusa dua for mature couple

Does street cafe have good seafood dishes

what kind of jewelry is made in Bali

i need to find out a email address for the restaurant ultimo in bali i would like to hold my 50th birthday party in may 2012 .35 people

i will be staying at Westin Nusa Resort and would like to visit Ibu Oka restaurant. Can you please tell me if its very far from my hotel?

Is August a good time to go to Bali? And for a first-time visitor & female solo traveler, would you suggest a tour? Or leaving it open?

I would like to visit for Makepung ,does anyone know if it will be on in July this year and if so what date?

Where would you say the nicest resturants are in Candi Dasa

Hi to all our baliness friends what would be a good buget motel thanks janette from australia

We'll be in Bali from 7 April to 6 May, is there any motor bike or car shows or rallies?

I'm looking for a cool local Indy style bar to be able to meet with friends and family in Bali, don't want to hang with too many tourists.

Top 10 beaches?

Has anyone stayed at the Citta in Seminyak. I cannot find many reviews on it. Michael

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