Questions about Budapest, Hungary

what is the best souvenir you can take home from Hungary to a kid?

Next month, I arrive in Budapest, and I wanted to ask how a traditional dinner (czardas) in Budapest cost? Nikola

where can I find good hiking trails?

Best spa and nightclub for locals

which sightseeing company to be used

Where can I find a homestay in Budapest?

where are the best chinese restaurants in budapest?

wheres the best bar

where is best to eat chinese?

which is best university in budapest

Travelling through Budapest Ferihegy Airport

what's the weather like in march

Best restaurant in Budapest

How easy or difficult is it to get around Budapest speaking English? (I assume Spanish and Portuguese won't help.)

Looking for a good meat place in Budapest

I am looking for a good self-catering apartment to stay in Budapest for 5 days in October

what are typical foods to try and where can I try it?

What kids activities are there in Budapest for a 6 year old?

what is a good time to visit

Where is the best restaurant?

what is the best night club in the city?

Any ipod do it yourself walk tours available

where to party?

I'm looking for a tour guide in budapest, cam you help?

cool night clubs to go out.

Hi! I was told Hungarian is one of the most difficult European languages to learn-but are there many people in Budapest that also...

Where is the famous spa?

chepest hotel for backpackers any recommendations

I want goulash where is best?

are taxis expensive? is the city easy to get around?

Are there any low-cost hotels/B&Bs in Budapest - say under $50/day?

hi,i am Alain and we wanna make a city tour and we need someone to assist us it possible? and to got your mail contact?













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