Questions about Munich, Germany

What is there to see in Munich? All the attractions to see and visit.

We are going to be in Munich on Sunday, Sept. 6, 2010 and want to attend Oktoberest. I have read it is free. Then that you need...

We will be in Munich on Sun. Sept. 26. We want to attend Octoberfest. Suggestions??? Are tickets needed?

When is Oktoberfest?

Which months are the warmest, as a mauritian I'm not use to cold winter? Many thanks.

Need accommodation for a group of 50 - 70 people in Munich during last week of October Beer Fest. It is ok even its not near the Fest...

At what lively night life scene would i find the most american tourists like myself?

how is the level of this restaurant ?how much is the food?

Is the circus opening in begining of july 2012

Can anybody recommend any affordable hotel to stay in Munich, Germany?

Do you know how many hours it would take for a train ride from Paris, France to Munich, Germany?

Can i open business in Munich?

what do you think about Dionysos Griechische Gastst├Ątte in frankfurter ring?

which pizzeria with good prices do you recommend ?

I am going to be in Munich for just a couple hours (layover from the airprt) on one Saturday in June and would like to find bio-shop...

I will be in Munich during Christmas with my family (all kids are 20+). Can anyone recommend a nice hotel to stay in over the...

Can you tell me some good things to do in Munich, Germany?

We are taking a Trafalgar tour of Germany, but are spending 1 day in Munich on our own...hotel?

we are two families where to go to eat and celebrate new years eve

Hi, everybody! I am planning to visit Munich soon. Could you advice me good restaurant, probably with asian food, because I dont eat...

What is the nicest hotel to stay at in Munich?

Can I get directly from the Munich Airport to Sheraton West Park by train? Do I have to change trains at the main station...or does...

I want to stay 3 days in July. I cannot find a good price hotel in Marienplatz. Do you recommend going just North, South, East, or West?

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