Questions about Paris, France

Has Anna Lowe closed?. Thanks for any info you may have!

can anyone get me a telephone number for a bar/restauran close to moulin rouge called marwane?? i think this is the correct name. i...

How should I travel from Central Paris {Staying at the Hilton Arc de Triomphe} to Venice Italy? Train? Plane? Where is the station?

Can anyone recommend any contacts or websites for an apartment booking in Paris in June?

what neighborhood is best for shopping with a sixteen year old fashionista , without going on that paris tour for shopping which costs...

I am interested in street art and graffiti. Which areas of Paris are best for street art? I am happy to go to the suburbs also.

I want to send some lovely flowers to someone living near gobelins. I live in London... which florist do you suggest?

Do you know any Paris accomodations?

What is best season to visit France for 10 days and where to stay in Paris? Can any Localyte suggest budget B&B Hotel with Tour Itinerary?

In Paris over Christmas holiday - are restaurants open on Christmas or should we plan to "eat in" in our apartment? Will be on Ile St Louis

Where is a good jazz club? I'm staying in the 5eme arrondissement. Thanks!

Where's a hip place that a early 30s New Yorker can stay in Paris?

wanted to explore paris for less than 24hrs

My husband and I are going to Paris the end of August. Can you recommend a good but not too expensive restaurant near the Eiffel Tower?

what are safety precautions I should take when traveling in europe?

Planning study French this year, for 4 weeks intensive course I ´ve seen Sorbonne courses, any advice? I ´ m not sure if I ´ll be...

How much are Paris tickets?

Dear all! What is the cheapest way to get from Paris to Vienna?

Can anyone tell me the fastest and cheapest route to Central Paris from DeGaulle Airport? I'm staying near Porte Maillot Metro Station.

Can you recommend me a great place to shop in Paris?

Can anyone tell me if I need to learn French before going to Paris?

Do you think that a visit to the Eiffel tower would be worthwhile? I'm planning a vacation this May, can you give me any tips?

please contact me as soon as possible who can show me paris tomorow i will be there for 2 night thank very much

Is it o.k. for a woman to visit Paris alone? Is underground safe? Which are the districts that should be avoided? Merci! :)

When it is the best time to shop in Europe, I mean sales up to -70%

Where can I find the most romantic place in Paris? I want to take my wife there.

What do local Parisians do during Christmas and New Years?

Do you know any good, but affordable restaurants in Paris?

Does a Paris train station have any lockers where I can keep my luggage?

I plan to go on a vacation to France in the summer, can you suggest any places to see?

How far is the Eiffel Tower

someplace other paris

Can you tell me an inexpensive way to visit Paris alone during the months of March-April or September-October?

What do you think should I wear while sightseeing Paris in June?

Is it worth it to buy a museum pass in Paris? Or should I just pay individually?

Do you know what would be the first thing that I should see in Paris?

Can you tell me the best places to visit for a 3-day stay in Paris?

Can you tell me the cheapest way to visit Paris, France for a family vacation?

3 or 4 days sightseeing in Paris..

Whats the best hotel in paris?

i'm travelling to Paris in Aug/Sept this year. I wanna know what are the best clubs for 20 year olds like me, that want to meet people...

Where can I spend New Years Eve in Paris with a vegetarian?

Hello, I will be staying in Paris between 11th-15th November, can you recommend any evening activities suitable for a woman alone?

Do you know where can I find Cheap fares to Paris?

I have been to Paris 20 times so need some unusual places to visit in the city. i.e. last time I visited, I went to the Pasteur Institute t

Can you give advice on selecting a hotel in Paris? What should I consider first?

Do you think it's cold in Paris during Spring Break?

Can you recommend me any good place to stay in Paris?

I have been told that there is a "Cite Florale" in the 13th Arrondisement. Does anyone know where it is?

Hi, y will be in paris between 16-20 april , i was invited to a friend wedding,somebody can give me some advice about the customors in...

Looking for a sample itinerary for 15 days in Paris in late summer. Also looking for a photographer to join us for a half day.

List top ten most romatiuc destinations in Europe

What do with 3 nights in Paris

what is the famous dept store in paris. where louis vutton is

What's the best way to get from Paris to Lyon at the end of July? Should I rent a car?

Salut, Can you reccomend me a good hotel/YH or studio to rent for 1 week, 2 persons)...merci


Can you show me around your neighborhood?

Would I be allowed to rent a car in Paris? I am under 21 years old? Can anyone please tell me how?

What is best place I can take my 7 year old daughter in Paris?

Do you know the most expensive hotel in Paris, France?

i´m going alone to Paris, i want to know where to stay? and were to go in the night.?

german visiting paris for anniversary needs suggestions

Where can I find a cheap hotel in Paris? Preferably close to the center?

Is the drinking water safe???

Do you know how does the Metro Pass work? Can you also tell me the cheapest way to travel in Paris?

Where can I buy a Metro pass and museum pass in Paris?

Where can I buy soaps, candles, like Bath and Body stuff in Paris?

Can you tell me the best place to visit in Paris?

Help with visiting the Southern French wine region

Do you know any nice affordable hotel/motel in Paris?

Seeking where to go for day trip outside city via RER, and, not a popular destination, some place where locals go.

Do you know any nightclubs in Paris?

Where can I buy an outlet converter for US plugs in Paris?

I am visiting Paris and would like to have a plan with the main attractions, and especially to know if the distances between them are...

what's the best month to go to Paris?

Tuna importers of Paris

Can you recommend a good budget hostel/hotel in Paris? Which is accessible

Do you know where I can get tickets to a Paris fashion show?

Hi, Im going to Paris soon and am wondering how much time I should need. I dont go into Museums at all. Also, if someone can...

I am looking for nice clean hostel in Paris.

Eurodisney: 1. How many days do i need to enjoy all the attractions.(adults only) 2.Cheap accomodation.

Can anyone tell me where I can find a ski resort near Paris?

How can i get to Bercy station?

I am travelling to UK on a student visa, Do you think I will also be allowed to travel to France with this visa?

What Is the Population of Paris?

i will be in paris for 1 day on a cruise. i will be interested in a english speaking tour guide for approx 4 to 5 hours. thank you

Hi. I'm Anna from Kiev, Ukraine. I look forward visiting Paris soon. Please consult me about best restaurants you know. Thaks in advance! )

inexpensive restaurants

Which area would be best to stay in Paris?

what does your money look like

Bonjour, je suis un ancien parisien qui souhaite passer une semaine dans un apart/studio meuble avec Internet.

Looking for a classic Parisian restaurant for a romantic dinner with gorgeous views for around 100 euro. Any recommendations?

Dear Friends, Care to share your favourite places to see/shop/eat/stroll in #Paris? Merci in advance!

where is a great place for dark chocolate

What do you think about the area of boulevard Port-Royal area.

Going to Paris for the first time next week. Anyone feel like showing a photographer some good spots. ...will share photos :)

Hello I'm flying from Paris Charles De Gaulle, but I'm arriving in Paris via Eurostar to Paris Nord. I don't know how to get to CDG...

I am planning a 20-25 days trip to Europe in June. Starting Amsterdam to Lisbon, open jawed. I definitely want to see the major sites...

Hi. i´m planning a trip to france and i heard about a delicious sweet, called "macarons" someone knows a place to buy some of them in Paris?

Do you think I can use my debit card in Paris?

I would like to stay in a nice chateau or castle during my trip to Paris. Which would be the best in terms of price? Thanks!

where are located the big commercial centers in Paris??, Thanks

What does Le Chiberta mean

Taking our 9 year old daughter to Paris. Recommendations on places to stay? Looking for balance of luxury, kid-friendly, fun and location.

What is the good and cheap hotel in Paris

Hello - where can I find a Jamaican restaurant close to the Eiffel Tower? Thanks

I'll be visiting your beautiful city next August for my 42nd anniversary. Can you recommend a great restaurant opened in August??

how is the rive gauche? is there a mature, upscale crowd?

weather in paris

Je besouins une bon patisserie dans le 16e.

Would you recommend Dans Le Noir ? and is there an eclectic underground goth music bar that is open every Sat night ?

How far away from Hotel Ritz is Ifle Tower?

Im considering living in France but not right in Paris. Do you know where I can rent a place?


In 15 days I'll be in Paris and stay for 10 days. I have provided a condo near Disneyland. So I would like to know, and please help...

how much to visit Bourse de Paris

Is Courtyard Marriot in Arcueil a good place to stay in? Is it convenient to go to/from there and other places?

Can you recommend any day spas in the Marais?

I wish to visit France in July' 2011. Can any Localyte in France tell me about major attaractions in France to visit them in 10 - 12 days?

please rate le fermin le barbier

Is the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower any good? And does a reservation there get you past the waiting lines?

what is the best dish at Breakfast in America in Paris? Is it worth it to even go there?

Please give me some adreesses of hotel in paris near which costs not more than 60 Euro.

My husband uses a "waliker" to help him get around. I have read that disabled persons are able to get inot museums free. Is this true?

First time Paris travel planning. What neighborhood should we stay in? Thinking Montmartre.

which tour company has the best guided walking tours

Which is the closest French resteranut near the Magic Circus Hotel in Disney? (within 1hour travel distance by tube)

what are the sightseeings in paris?

witch good bistroes or bars are around the airport area?

My friends (family couple) are going to Paris in the end of the next week. Is it possible to rent a flat in the city for 5 days?

Going to Paris

Going to be in Paris for a day in a few weeks - done the tourist sights. Any suggestions of cheapish things to do?

I'm off to Paris on Sat after an absence of about 20 years. What is unmissable these days?

what do you charge for your services?

What are must see places in Paris?

What bars in Paris, France are good for a fun single gal in her late-40s?

I'm going to be in Paris for just over a week and want to know which markets I absolutely shouldn't miss. I love good food and finding uniqu

looking for free things to do in paris

Any good places to listen to live jazz music near Hyatt Madeleine?

What non tourist things can we do with our teenage son?

what's it like in December at Paris?

find out hotel chinagora

Has anyone heard about Must Limousines? Is it a reliable company?

Can you tell me how will I make my 8 hour visit to Paris worthwhile?

We arrive from sanfrsncisco on July 13 for 1 week. Can u show us paris?

I would like to know if anybody could help me with information on Chez Madame Arthur show at Pigalle. I tried to call to enquire but...

best places to exchange currency ?

Hi, I would like to know which part of Paris is the best to rent a single room for 4 weeks?

an affordable restaurant in Momartre

Whats the best restaurant in paris?

Are there tour guides in the cathedral and what is the cost?

Is Le Royal Tour Brasserie open everyday? What hours are they open? Merci Beaucoup,. Sharon

Is there a tour or access to underground-unused-subway stations?

How much does it cost to hire a guide for seeing Paris?

we are attending the night fountain show in versailles.Does the admission cover visiting the palace and trianons after 2pm,or only night

when's the best time to go to the eiffel tower so the line's not too long?

Where can we eat the best ice cream in Paris?

What is the best program to see Paris? How many days will be enough?

What days and times is the Cathedral open for visitors?

Do you know any other good place to visit in Paris aside from the usual tourist attractions?

I'm travelling to Paris for the first time in march and I'm not going to have as much time as I'd like to get a taste of the real...

YYZ to CDG tomorrow. Cannot wait to see Paris for the first time (on my honeymoon!) Any first-timers tips out there?

Can anyone tell me if Café Varenne at the corner of rue de Varenne and rue du Bac is open on Sunday? That will be our only day in Paris.

street map

Is Itineraires still a good bistro to eat at?

What clubs or bars are good to go to on a Saturday night for a gal in her late 20s early 30s? An atmosphere where they understand English

how can i save transport money?

I am trying to make some restaurant reservations online before my visit to Paris and having a hard time. Any suggestions ? Thank you !

What's the best way to get from Paris to Versailles without a car?

What is the best place in Paris?

Do they show the Celtic games...In Paris this weekend(with the GF) but need to see the Bhoys win the league!!!!!!!!

I travel on March 2011 to Paris, will spend about 10days there. Which local travel agent have the most itineraries?

we are on a stag party in paris and want some lively places to go and drink the night away, where can we go? Staying near Louvre

Paris this weekend! Any recommendations? #travel #eurostar

best clubs

are there any kind of metro pass in paris ?

Is Victor Hugo's tomb interesting to visit?

How much does it cost for entry to the Caveau de la Huchette?

What are the best night clubs in Paris ?

what to see in weekend aug25th to 28thaug

hello there :)

I'm flying to Paris CDG airport from US. I don't know how to take a train to go to Metz ? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What´s the best hotel in Paris?

What is the best nEighborhood for young people

where eat cheap in paris?

Any Filipino cuisines in Paris?

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