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Fun things to do in France? What are the secret things only locals do?

Do you know the best Hotel in France?

Where do i buy electronic gadgets in Bordeaux, France? Need to find an electronic store that sell all sorts of electronics and...

Need petfriendly hotels

Rough guess on cost for trip?

local festivals of france and belgium

Please suggest the cities in the border of France and Belgium to visit. I will make a road trip with my friends form Belgium and we...

What are the main things France produces/manufacturers etc

Looking to book a guided tour, for amazing experiences in France. Know any guides?

Figueres Made in France - Plate with Nuts?

What the best tourist spot in France? Give only one answer!

what is the best town to visit that is not full of tourist in southern france with a great beach

Does anyone know to translate the word "poison" in the French language?

i am looking for tours of Normandy world war two landings

Accommodation in Paris

What is the most pristine beach in France? Why? #travel

Would you go to France or rather go to England?

whats the best place to eat in Perpignan?

is it possible to get a tour from Le Havre to Normandie beaches in May? We are coming on a cruise ship and the excursions they offer...

Studying Wine in France

Do I need to bring a conversion adapter to plug-in a socket in Europe? What is it that I specifically need and where can I buy it?

What cities are a must-visit in the south of France?

Can I use my converters I got in India

Do you think it is safe for Americans to travel to France?

How do I get from Barcelona airport to Argeles Sur le Mer

Is there a french datinf online site

Motorbiking advice

Good factual informational website about france

can anyone tell me anything about Le Sud Ouest in France?

How can I call France from the US?

I want to go on a vacation in France but I am concerned on how Amecians are treated there.

What do you call

im travelling next week to lyon france, but i'm wondering if there's a train from lyon to geneva??? how much is it the return cost...

What is Travelers insurance?

is the south of france relatively expensive?

I just want to know how is working as a chef in France?

Does anyone know any popular food that is served in France?

My wife and i went to Nice last year for 4 days and also went to Monaco on a day trip.We travelled in early october.We are planning...

What city should I stay in the South of France for my honeymoon?

Where can I stay in South France to work and visit? Must have good schools Airport not far and also near other country. thanks

Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?

What can you recommend me that offers the best deal for a Europe Cruise?

Do you know which time of the year is best to travel to France?

Snails as an appetizer? Fiction or truth?

Frogbus on Saturdays?

what should i do in Paris in a week? and hot does it cost for not expensive trip?

What is the best (i.e., cheapest) way to make cell-phone calls to the U.S. from both France (Paris and Provence) and England?

hello , I'm a student and i was planning on visiting france this summer i wanted to ask if anyone knows any cheap student hostel...

I am going to be in france for the month of January (arriving Paris). What are good places to see/visit with weather probably not so...

Je cherches les places les plus interessants pres de bastia,paris,marseille,auxerre ou d'autres pour mes amis qui y seront dans les...

One night in paris, from saturday to sunday. What do you suggest? May 23-24

what is best way to get from briare to rogny where we are picking up a rental boat

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

We will be driving from Mont St Michel to Amboise and need suggestions for a place to spend the night between Mont St Michel and Amboise

Can you tell me which country in Europe is best for a holiday?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a travel destination in the North of France? Something quaint, relaxing and in nature

Do you know of any website that delivers petit dejeneur or flowers in Paris??? I need it for tomorrow 23 September

where to buy a French nightgown--without spending too much money



Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur








Pays de la Loire









Lower Normandy


Upper Normandy


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