Questions about Cairo, Egypt

Where can a family go for karaoke?

Where is the best place or area in Cairo to buy cotton or material? Can you barter on the price?

Would like to rent a boat for a party. Been on the Valentine and Christina b4. Approx 40-70 guests - any suggestions/prices. Thanks x much is it to pay to jioin el gezira sport club per year?or al ahly club? Anyone know where to play table tennis in zamalek? Tq

indoor climbing in Cairo or Egypt

Hey everyone My friend's birthday is coming up and I was thinking we could reserve a place where she would be able to have music and...

how much does it cost to visit al azhar park? and when does it open and close?

Asking about restaurants that offer open buffet - dinner

i want to find the number of a place called fagnoun village this place Containing water fight games and paint ball staff like that...

Do buses/trains go directly from #Cairo to Ain Sukhna?

what is the drinking age in Cairo? and what clothing is appropriate for nightclubs and bars, especially if you have to walk in public...

I want to do egyptian waxing or sugaring in Cairo? Could you give me an address of good and not expensive beauty salon. thx

Where can I find a good restaurant in Nasr city?

where to find a pick-up bar in maadi

hey im 'n cairo and i wanna to know where and how much i can rent aboat for aparty or engagement for example and this boat can carry...

I'm looking for a unique dining experience in Cairo.

Where Can I buy a foosball table in Cairo, Egypt

Anyone know a good dermatologist in Maadi, Heliopolis or New Cairo Area?

I am loking to book a helicopter ride from sharm el sheik to cairo on the 6 February and wnt some good companies and prices

Where's a good place to go to buy clothes in Cairo? I've heard about City Stars for sure, but that seems to be expensive/really...

Hi, Im having my wedding next sept. and i wanted to know if its possible to have the wedding reception on a yacht in cairo.

How do you make a Fatir pancake?

good morning i want to rent a small yacht for a birthday party for only me and my couple in cairo ... any suggestions ?!

Is this couples entry policy for clubs applicable to tourists as well?

If I am using Metro from Maadi, which station should I drop to go to Cidatel?

Looking for sewing machine AND quilting rulers and mats. Any known sources?

where is beit al-souhaymi located?

We are 4 adults and 2 small children arriving via cruise on 1 Feb 09.

hey i want to go a night club on New Year's eve and if someone can help to find something near Heliopolis

Hello, I am asking about Foreigners who speak english fluently and can give english conversation lessons in Cairo????????

where is varanda resturant

what is the admission to Bowling and Billiards ?

Two short nights in Cairo a mon and tue, 35 Aussie guy 35 looking for funky, hip, cultural haunts to chat and have a drink

how to get to Farahat restaurant?

Hi i need anadvice a good sea food and fish resturant in Cairo. thx

How much would it cost to rent a Speed Boat?

When is the best time to visit and where is a good place for families to go out and explore?

Do you think that Cairo is a safe place to vist?

I will be staying at Sofitel Gezirah in May, and need to find Khan El Khalili and Naguib Mafouz Cafe. I prefer to walk. Thank you so much!

Was in Cairo December 2010 and tried very hard to find Tentmakers Bazaar. Taxi left me off at an open bazaar that sold a lot of bedspreads

hi can someone take us from the cruise port of alexandria to el cairo for a city tour and gizah for the pyramids and take us back to

Exchange rates and local guide (Cairo)

We will be staying at the Ramses Hilton in Cairo and would welcome restaurant and shopping suggestions

im from the philippines, and i want to visit the pyramids of giza? do i need a visa to enter egypt? how much money do i need for a 3...

Hi, im planning for my engagement party, im thinking of doing it in nile deck restaurant for 90 persons. can som1 tell me some ideas plz

Does anyone know an area in Cairo called roxy? Fantastic Schwarma here, can anyone help?

Hello can anyone tell me if I can buy a ticket for the Cairo. Luxor sleeper train from the ticket office on the same day of travel? I...

Please infome me if on Victory day 23 of Dec. will be open in Old Cairo the Friday Market the Mosque of Amr Ibn El-As and the Coptic Museum

Ma Salema!!! I am also trying to find two more friends: Ibrahim Khalil (taxi driver in 1992-94) and Sharif Samy (Tour guide) Any help?

I will have part of a day on Zamalek, Any suggestions of what to do. I am a woman traveling solo.

what day is the birquash camel market? What times and entry fee? Is it only Fridays, or is it every day? Is the trading done only on...

I would like to have an idea about the best pubs and restaurants in Cairo and Sharm, my hotel is located at Coral Bay. What is the...

I was planning to arrive to Cairo 6 days early for a tour so that I could attend the Friday Market. I was so sorry to hear about it...

What's the best place to eat in Cairo?

Crud Oil Business

I am staying in Downtown Cairo for 10 days, October 18 to 28; while playing in a squash tournament. I am looking for someone to make...

Hello again, I've had such a great response to my last question, thanks to all! I am going to ask another one if you don't mond. I...

I need to find details of schools in New Cairo, can anyone help with addresses and how to find on internet?

how far from airport please

Egypt Tour

What's the best 'off the beaten path' thing to do in Cairo - something not everyone sees/does?

places to eat near the Meridian Pyramids hotel

currency exchange

Does anyone know anything about MS Farah Nile cruise? Is this a nice ship or is there a better one?

i want to rent a yacht somewhere in egypt but can i rent a yacht without a driver? it's my marriage anniversary and i wanna surprise...

Hi, I find one guide, expert or with good vision about Cairo * Alexandria for write for me one article with 2 or 3 pages about...

Where is the Abdine District in Cairo?

i am egyption and i need more details about parasiling like Where, when, how long and how much? my mail

what is there to do at the great pyramid?

i need to contact you to know more about Egypt , if there is no problem.

Are there any good restaurants or cafes in Qarafa?

where is the brasil street

i'm looking for a healthy meal in mohandseen or zamalek any suggestions?

Hi, we are a German couple coming to Cairo from 2.1. - 4.1. We are looking for design, arts and architecture and like to experience...

we would like to hire a tour guide and a car

I'll be in Egypt for 12 d in November and would like to visit Cairo, the desert, Sharm + Dahab, Abu S+nile Valley. Do u think it's possible?

cheap cafes in cairo

place to eat in cairo

Where can I buy warm clothes for trekking in Cairo? Thank you.

Is Manial Palace open to visitors again? How much does the entrance ticket cost? Thank you!

I`m a woman. I`d like to travel to Egypt alone. Is it safe these days?

what are the best places that i can visit in Egypt?

Is it possible to visit a local family in Cairo and learn to cook traditional Egyptian food?

could you guide me on a walking tour also interested in seeing local music,rai music,nubian music,interested in sound & ligth show

Does anyone know if Mohammed Khattab Perfumeria is still a shop at the Khan el Khalili? Also if Gouzlan owners Momdu and Said still...

restaurants near Iberotel Cairo-- we will be staying there our last night in Cairo and I I would like lovely final memories of Egypt. ...

can you tell me is felucca ride also serve lunch ? is that noon is good time to go eml:

any hot air ballon available in the pyramids area

Need a local guide. A Chinese reporter wishing to visit Cairo and Alexandria from Feb 14 to 21.

Hi! i m a fashion designer,where i can buy good quality cloth in cairo other than khanankhalily and ballah

I am free in the evening, anyone available for a social chat?

I heard that there is culture center in zamalak. I want to learn some egyptian instrument. But I tried to search information about...

What to do In Cairo?

Hi.!!! Any.Idea.!:D

سفارة المغرب فى الزماليك

I want to take both Western Style and Belly Dancing classes while in Egypt. I live in Zamalek, so studios close to that would be...

which palace do u like in egypt

If you hire a taxi to pyramids do they wait for you there and take you around? Do they charge per trip?

how much does it cost in american money to visit the solar boat museum

what kind of langusge do they speak in Cairo

I am looking for a german-speaking guide

Need someone to show the beautiful city, Cairo.

Is it safe to travel to Cairo at this time?

Curfew - Is there one at the moment? In England we are getting mixed info that there is or isnt in Cairo and Luxor

i really need a place where they sell or make American coffee thank you

Dear Sir, anyone can provide how to get to Saida Aisha market from Cairo, Egypt? Thank you.

Hi, We are 4 people from Belgium traveling to Cairo from 28th of May until 31th of May. are looking for a guide email:

I would like to know how the weather is in Cairo and Sharm during the middle of november? And what are the more interesting places to...

is there an association in Egypt that allows you to be in touch with tourists who come, age range 15-> 20 or any age at all??

Hi, I'm travelling to Egypt in December, mainly Hurghada and Sharm Al Sheikh I wanna know where's the best area for recreational fishing?

where to find rental accommodation

Who can tell me where i can find a car with driver to go from cairo to siwa and back for good price

does anyone know of a really good lebanese swharma take away place in Cairo? We went there and got brilliant tasty rolls for breakfast!

where to play darts in cairo?

I am trying to locate an address anfor a hostel located on Area Four in New Cairo which has an internet cafe located a couple of...

i wanna go 2 south sinai how i can do it u should know that we are asmall groub about 6 persons and we want 2 stay about 4 days

Is there an age limit in Greek Club ?

Can someone recommend a Pilates studio in Zamalek?

wil be in your country for 6 weeks and woud love to include time(days) in oasis country.will be arriving mid feb.2011.can we do siwa

Is there a reasonable place to stay on Roda Island? I hope to be as near Old Cairo as possible.

Where can I find a complete list with the antiquity numbers over Cairo?

We're a couple looking for a spanish / english speaking guide with car for the 29, 30, 31 of august.

can we do a nile cruise

I'm going to visit Caïro in February. I would like to visit things that are not in the tourist guides. Can anyone help me?

Is Egypt back to normal for tourists?

We(expats) are relocating to 6thOctober City.Ups and downs on this area and suggestions on reputable estate agents for rental ,please !

I'm planning a vacation in Cairo for a fortnight in March. Which places are an absolute Must visit?

Is there a certain area in the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar that has a concentration of vendors selling vintage and old items? Where would...

Is it beter to stay in centarl Cairo or near the pyramids on a 3 day visit

Are all the shops at Khan el-khalili open on Sundays?

is it safe to travel to Cairo now given the unrest?

are there any local markets to see in cairo besides the khan el kanillili?

Everyone says it is cold in January but how cold or should I pack my bathers?

i am visiting Egy next month &2 of my friends for 10 there in cairo any cheap good hostils organizing a t

Where can I purchase a ticket to a tour of the step pyramids of saqqara and how far is it from the Mena House Oberoi

What to wear for women

I want to go to jewelry store who will ba able to make me silver cartoush with hieroglyphs writing. I am staying in Hotel in Giza

What is the list of Indian restaurants in Cairo?

where to stay in cairo

Do you have any more info on traveling by motorbike from Cairo to Cape Town? I might have to do this one.

is area safe now for foriegners?

one day in Cairo

I am coming to Cairo with 2 other ladies and want to have a driver to take us around and set up a few sightseeing tours plus train...

what is a great Italian restaurant in Cairo Egypt?

how has the night life been affected by the recent events in Cairo

I'll be in Cairo for a 15 hour layover (noon arrival, 3am departure) and would like to see as much as possible...any guide recommendations?

where to go in cairo at el eid?


hey i live in kafr el ziiet what is faster to go to cairo

I will be in Cairo O3/20 with my wife and an other couple we would like to have a one day tour downtown in cairo the 03/22

Thinking of staying at the grand hyatt cairo. Does anybody know how that regency club works? I have heard it was a dry hotel, and they...


Guide with car who cal sleak greek

hi,what are the rooms like in the hussein hotel in hussein square?,do they have private facilities,(toilet and shower or bath).any web-site.

hi i want to plan a sand boarding trip ?

Want to see the the real side of Egypt, and not just the touristy things such as the pyramids, etc. What would you suggest? No...

While staying in Cairo we are keen to see the shipping on the Suez Canal. Would like advice about best viewpoint, whether we need a...

I need a good place for a dance with good view and great style of ppl around. where can i go to ?

what to do in cairo for 5 days(without pyramids and museum)we are hony moon.we don't like to travel long distance more.

Has anyone taken a camel ride near the Sphinx and Pyramids at sunset and had dinner in the desert? Or is it only a ride and no dinner?

When is the best time of day to visit the pyramids?

I am looking for city view restaurants

hi,i need to know if manor school america section is good & if it is not good what school is better

what's is the average rate for the food? What food would you recommend?

What kind of mild kid friendly foods do they serve in Cairo?

asalamalakum! is zamalek or downtown best place to stay in cairo, to go out in the evening (rest, bar etc) and walk back to the hotel?...

what to see in 2 days 3 nights

Tell me about taboula restaurant

how do I find the address and postcode for a resturant

My daughter wants to go to The American University in Cairo. She is outgoing, blond and beautiful, is it safe at this time in 2011

Salaam I am travelling with my kids to Egypt for the first time. We will be doing th usual tourist thing - Cairo-Luxor-Aswan and...

wanna go dance @ cairo in a decent pub or restaurant where do you think should i go?

My mum used to live in Zaytoun,Cairo in the early 50's in a street called rue lais,however when I look on google maps there are no...

where can I swim in a olympic or half-olympic pool on a pay-as-you-go base?

i am from Canada,lived in Cairo 84-88 & am visiting in March2011.I am looking for old colleagues in tourism Mohamed Ayoub&Gamal Salah

I have been trying to contact a dear friend of mine by the name of Hassan El Gabry and he did have several jewerly stores in the ciaro area

I sent an inquiry about Hassan El Gabry and forgot to put my e-mail address it is

what does lunch cost at Cedars resturant

Where is the best show for belly dancing and about how much is it per person

My hotel emailed me and said there was going to be a "moled" (مولد.) at the al Hussein mosque? What is this? Is it fun? Can a...

I hope to go to Cairo next year to surprise a friend. I know he frequents a cafe called Casablanca in Dokki, but the only one I can...

Has anyone eaten at "Barry's" out near the pyramids in Giza? How would you rate it? What's their best dish? And is it far from Mena...

Hi, i live in Cairo since 3 months and i'm looking for a nice thing to do for new year's eve (31th december) for me and my wife. Ideas ?

Fasuala 19 (Faouala?), Abdine in Cairo, also The Hellenique Hospital. Is there a register of Greeks in Cairo until 1950s. How can I find out

Hi, I need to know the name of the new resturant opend in road no 9 in Maadi next to MCdonalds. the name starrt with lettter S. pls advice

can we fish in cairo and where

I am a student at the faculty of tourism Minia University the 3rd year , and I want anybody to help me to train as a tour guide :)

best places to stay for Muslim travellers( area where theres more locals than tourists)

what the pacific adress tulip zamalek

Assalamo Alekum , I wanted to know if there will be any programe at Al hussain mosque on the day of Arba,een. any body knows ?

a friend of mine invited me to have a vacation in there place egypt and im here in the philippines how much does it cost for plane ticket?

How much does it cost for the ride around the pyramid in Cairo?

I Need A NIGHTCLUB Like buddha or latex A LUXURY one which isn't couples?

hii ,im planning to visit egypt but i want to know what is the best time to visit and how much money i will need to spend for a week ,sam

Dec arrival into Cairo then travel on to Aswan head back north to Hurghada and side trip to Petra suggestions for traveling to...

Going to Cairo next week. What do I pack for me (female) and 6 yr. old daughter. How is the weather? What is the dress code in the city?

I was wondering if an-Nasir Mohammed Mosque is a sunni or shia Mosque?

how much it cost to visit shahrazade ?

I am visiting egypt on dec on my honeymoon. should i take nile cruise or sharm el sheik .

We will be in Cairo in March and would like to have an Egytpian hammam, any suggestions. There will be 5 men and 6 women.

do you have a street name(5 Ashir street downtown

public transportations to carrefour maadi from hiliopolis

What Hotel or area is good for exploring on foot at night? I would like to be able to walk out of my hotel and not have to take a taxi.

I am looking for a Qanun [Egyptian dulcimer]. If you can help please email me at The name is Diane

Are women safe to alk around dokki?

I am looking for a french speaking guide in Aswan, for 2 days,21 & 22th of november. Do you know good hotel in Aswan (less 200EGP double)

salam akykum! My name's Cecilia and I would like to know wich are the attractions in Heliopolis (Cairo). I'll be visiting a friend there.

Hi, I just moved to Cairo. I'm a 33 years old guy from Germany and am looking for a tennis partner (male and female) in Cairo. Thanks

How long it takes to drive from Cairo Intl Airport to Ramses Rail station by a taxi

I'm back in Cairo at the 9th of December. The breakfast in my Hotel is very poor. Where can I have a good breakfast in downtown Cairo?

what free shows are available in cairo

Is it possible to get around in Cairo using public transportation?

greek guide

Is Zamalek or Heliopolis closer to the American University of Cairo?

Hello, Could you give me the name and address of 2/3 cafés in Downtown metro nasser, suitable for cofee and job interviews? thanks

am looking for italian rest. with nile view?

I went to the American School in Maadi when I lived there in the 50's, is it still there? Am thinking of planning a trip in February,

2 questions - what is the best/easiest way to travel from Cairo airport to downtown? Can one go on a felucca sail in Cairo?

HI, everyone. I'm traveling to Cairo next December and I will need to buy some warm clothes for trekking, climbing the Sinai and the like.

hi everyone! it's my boyfriend's birthday and i just need some help abt extraordinary places. i need a calm place for 2 specially yachts

Hi Yosra, my name is Rodrigo and i'm from Brazil... i was searching informations about Cairo and i found your page in Google.

What are the dates this year of the Spring Show at the Botanical Gardens (near zoo)? Last year we went in April and it was wonderful!

Where a local would go to sit and catch the scene and watch the world go by in the early evening.

is this a good indian restaurant and how expensive is it?

Looking for luxury short term rentals in Cairo and North place to look? I mean high end :)

is pub 28 still operating ?

I would like to Buy a 2nd home in Egypt Not Sure Of the Best Area? Need A Beachfront Studio,or One Bedroom.

Does anybody know if Manyal Palace has reopened ?

When is the best time of year to visit Cairo while avoiding tourist season?

need ua assistance sir,am now living towards an hopeless life due 2 a poor background am coming can i join any NGO that mght assist

What is the legal drinking age? I'm visiting this summer and I'm only 18.

Tel me more about the price of the Spa ?

hi, i'll be in cairo end of oct/begining of nov and i'd like to spend a few days in dashur or saqarra. Anybody knows any hotel there ?

Was this palace ever open to visitors in the 1980's?

I am considering going to the Giza Camel Market in Burkash. I read that on Fridays there is an area nearby the camel market that is...

Hi i'm planning an engagement party and looking for flowers and kosha setting some modern simple and good quality

What are the best tourist attractions in Ismalila ?

need an open air place in Heliopolis.

Planning a trip to Cairo/Nile river on 21 March. Will I have to change my plans considering current climate there?

Is there a minimum charge during the month of ramadan?

I need a romantic chick and fabulous restaurant for dinner celebrating my boyfriend's birthday i need it to be so special only for two.

hi will it be safe in caiio with children in DEC or are the riots going to carry on???

Where is the friday market (souq al gomm'a) held now? Is it still on?

Is the club open during ramadam?

I will go to Cairo on 1Nov. & will stay 1month. Anybody knows a room or small apartment to rent in Zamalek, Dokki, Downtown or...

What are the sentiments for American's in Cairo?

Are there good hotels deals in Cairo now?

Is it safe to travel as a tourist to Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor, considering the demonstrations throughout the Egypt?

Trying to book ticket for train to Luxor from Cairo/Giza. Do I need to buy 24 hours in advance of travel? any way to get via the internet?

hello guys, have anyone heard about a clothing store in medan lebnan called WE?

is there a greek food market place in cairo? I'd like to cook greek dishes and I can't find the ingredients. Thank you.

wondering is possible or suggestions self-guided touring or money savings for couple with a 20 year old sone he is a studend will carry ID

Hi Fayez, How is Egypt. I like the dancing stlye and people of your country

friend yasser magdi coptic museum

Hi to all!!! I would like to know hat how a diplomat live in Cairo?

I want to go to a nice place with my friends, they suggested the Pharaonic Village and I suggested sendbad theme park. Which better? help

How is the feeling in Cairo?

How can I get there????

how far they are with the building of the new museum

Dear jack you asked about the Bedouin outing details and here it is,

show me swedish embassy

Hello Yosra, I have a friend from Ukraine in Cairo for a few days. She does not speak English. I am looking for someone who can help. Thanks

movenpick hotel

the best in Cairo to visit cairo


Hi. I am looking for small puppet theatre? Some creative and cool places?

is absolute night club beside sangria still operating ??

hey.its my freind bdy and i want places in cairo where we can dance and have fun..reply me plz:D

Hi. We are plannin g a hoiday to Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria in Janury 2012. Is it advisible as one hears of clashes in Cairo?

home delivery restaurant

Does the Marriot Hotel Cairo offer Brunch? If so, which day is it and how much does it cost per person? Thanks

what road to take from merghany to grand mall maadi

tourist guide training in egypt

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