Questions about Egypt

mention the kinds of tourism in Egypt?

Hello! Would you be so kind to tell me if it's possible to visit Mount Sinai if I'm staying in Makadi Bay? And how much time will it take?

I would like to do a helicopter tour in cairo, egypt, could you tell me if it is possible and wht are the prices ???

which city in Egypt has one third of monuments around the world?

Which is the Highest mountain in Egypt & how many meters

where can my wife and i sail a dinghy 1or2 person in red sea area

I am looking a business partner in Egypt to help people start business in Lithuania, get a visa and other related activities.

Where to buy wall paper in Egypt/Cairo?

can I spend sterling in egypt

Fun things to do in Egypt? What are the secret things only locals do?

Which places are must see in Egypt & how many days it would take to see these places.

What time of the year do you recommend traveling in Egypt to visit the pyramids?

I come from philippines di i need visa to visit egypt?

most interesting things to do, shop and eat in egypt in 3 days

what is ASWAN like ? is it worth visiting ? what are the landmarks in Aswan ?

I want to visit Pyramids. Where should I stay?

Dear all First of all i hope you are doing great and i would like to ask you about does anyone know about a prepared bus for...

what is the best month to go to Egypt? I guess summer is very hot...

Please tell me where Pyramids exactly located in Egypt & how do I go there

Scuba Diving

going to sharm in march want to go fishing in boat

Can an Amercian go to Egypt? Is it safe?

Hi all I need to know if the palace of Abdeen is open to the public or not , if yes i need to know the visiting hours , thanks a...



Dear all Can anyone help me with information about Seedi Abdel Rahman hotel orientation rate and if someone has a especial deal...

@patrickfungkw any regional budget airline in Africa? 'm going from JNB to CAI in Jul @localyte #Egypt

Hello! Me and my friends are planning to go Egypt for visit, We came from Philippines. I just want to ask if we have Egypt Consulate...

Hi i am planning to visit Egypt in 2010 . What it would be the best time of year to do that in terms of weather mostly. I am planning...

hi guys! does any body know private school for judo sport in cairo , iam not asking about clubs like ahly or zamalek sports clubs ,...

Nile River Cruise

My travel plans in Egypt x II

can i spend euros in egypt

I am planning to visit Egypt in Dec' 2010. How much time is sufficient to cover main attractions in Egypt?

hi! can u please give me some travel agancies in egypt if possible? i want to visit egypt but i dont know how?or else the website of...

salamu aleikum all,

Complete tour of Middle east by Bus or train?? Is it possible?

Want a quote for a package to Egypt from USA.



hi guys! greeting for all, i would like to spend one day around swimming pool in cairo with food and drinks served some thing like...

I would like to camp somewhere in Egypt. Are there camping sites in Egypt? Where can I camp and how can I reach these sites?

other than Kahramana Hotel which other hotel use's Viva Beach Nama Bay as it's private beach

what should i do to travel to egypt from rammallah city in palestine to egypt ?

Do you have any mediterranean country in mind that you would like to visit?

My travel plans in Egypt x I

I'm planning a visit to Egypt... but I'm a student so I have a limited budget... can someone tell the cheapest ways of travel at Egypt...

dive trip to sharm june staying at military base, ? nearest dive centers

volenteer work

We would like to visit Egypt in July during our honeymoon. Please give us a good cruise package and the rates!

Hello, We are from Hong Kong and will be going to Cairo for 7 days in July! We are budget travellers and would like to seek advice...

will I be bothered by Mosquitos in luxor

I'm a female and will be travelling with another femae companion to Cairo in coming July for a photo journalism project. I'm...

If possible may i know the contact # in egypt dubai consulate because my house and my work place is quit far from the city. So that I...

who knows where i can go in cairo just to rest and get out of the crazy day time...?

Hi, I really want to visit Egypt in December but my parents are a bit concerned about the swine flu so I was wondering how bad it is...

where are tourist sites in egypt?

Do all of the beaches in Sharm el sheikh have jettys for entry or can kids just run in and out of the sea?

i came from Philippines but im currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I just want to know what is the requirements needed so...

I am looking forward to visit Cairo by the next month , Do you know if i can visit the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church by the...


We are taking a cruise,which schedule is better?

Hello Lyndall, my name is Sebastian l will be arriving in Egypt on the 19/10 will be in country for about 15 days and would like to...

How much does admission fees to the pyramids after midnight cost?

i would like a localyte to help me with a itinery to cover alexandria/aswan/edfu abusimble/cairo with a affordable tour...

I am seeking for camping sites in Egypt and how to reach them from Cairo and requirements. Please don't just mention names to me. I...

Currency Change

friends visiting Cairo


Hello! I'm going to Egypt right after New Year Eve but I heard there is so windy in January in Egypt. What resort could you suggest...

where could I eat well ?

hi all i'm nirvana samy (viva smsm) i'm 20 and i live in rod el farag, cairo, egypt i'm a tourist guide and i can help you and show...

Hi . I live in Cairo / Egypt. On your page i saw some information about the hot air balloon in Luxor , My question is how much is the...

How many governorate inegypt ?What is the last city become a governorate ?

Would you happen to know where can I find the warmest place in Egypt?

how much it costs for a week in Egypt ...

Planning to take a Nile cruise in Egypt in Feb

Hello , My name is Sandra and my fiancee Javier , We visited Egypt 2 years ago and we had a tour guide that we would like to be in...

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

where to go in cairo? Luxor, Aswan, Sharm ? i

hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to visit egypt just for 1 week but i cancel my employment here in dubai do i have a chance to travel egypt...

are the places serve Koshery safe to eat in?

pyramids of giza entrances on all pyramids?

We are planning to have a vacation in Egypt from Jan 21st to Jan 29th and we were looking for Nile Cruises and also some days in...

where can i find Islamic tourism

Does camping in Egypt require permission from authorities? I heard it is yes. So how can I obtain this permission? From where exactly...

how can i earn money ?

Once again Hi all of you I may ask about people from Chile if they need a visa entry to Egypt before coming or they can get it in...

I have a flare for interacting with Wild Life in Africa. Can anybody advise as where should I go? Kenya or South Africa?

Hi All Once again i ll repeat my question request in other form because i feel that lots of answers are not for my question. I...

Do you know the canal that links the mediterranean sea and the Red sea? What is it called?

i am asing about schools at medinet al nasr in cairo. schools for children and schools for learning arabic

hi my wedding is in october and i'll do it in alexandria but i don't know any thing in alexandria so can some one help me to suggest...

what are the recent discoveries at saqqara in the last 50 years?

what are some amazing products in Egypt ?

At the end of April, I will be at Hurgada and would like to travel to one or several destinations from it, e.g. Luxor, Cairo, Giza,......

my wedding is in 2 weeks time check details here i would like to come for honeymoon in...

Do you think it's safe to travel to Egypt now?

Can we purchase our Visa in the airport when we arrive? What is the cost? Can we pay with a Visa credit card? Or in US currency? Thank you.

i want to visit Egypt, let me know what needed??

when is Abydos temple closed?

traveling to #Egypt on Friday, birthday treat booked last year, is it safe?


General information about Egypt.

I am about to travel to Egypt with my 4 ids between the ages of 2 and 6 yrs. I am asing for a good school at Medinatul Nasr, My income...

Hi all I want to ask about where can i buy the cloth of riding horses , i mean if you know where in Cairo can i find the wears of...

Hi All I need to know to know definitive if tourists from Argentina need the Egyptian Visa Entry before coming or they can have it...

which is the best hotel to reside in egypt which is more of affordable?

We will be on a Nile cruise-- where would you suggest we look for a balloon ride?Also how much would you expect to pay?

Dear all , I will be in Egypt the next month , i would like to visit the palace of Ibrim , can you give me some details or arrange a...

Why free sellers around the touristic attraction places are hustling the visitors?

Hi, can anybody help with a good restaurant with pyramids views not to expensive. In cairo. Kind Regards, Dionne

Who needs a Bedouin outing 2 hours far from Cairo , knowing their culture, foods, habits, and awesome scene ? contact me on skype Name...

i want to organize a 5 day trip to Egypt what is the best suggested itinerary ,cost for one person without accommodation,trip from 14-18/4

is it safe for americans to go, what is there to do there? i live in seattle. who should i fly with-airlines?

Is it safe to travel around Egypt?

do americans need visa for egypt priror arrival or not ?can they get the visa at the airport?

how i can find work in sharm elshik

We are planning a trip to Egypt and want to make a side trip to Israel. Getting there - and back seems difficult. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Which is the Longest river in Egypt & how long is it

Why Sharm el-Sheikh is known as The City of Peace??

Why tipping is required all around Egypt ?

what are the nicest places to go around Cairo?

I'd love to take a trip to Egypt - has anyone been since the revolution? Is it safe for Americans?

I'm requesting for some itineraries for honeymooners in Egypt. Any tour person out there? I require a budget one, mid accommodation...

What is the most interesting place in Egypt?

Dear all I heard that I can buy the entrance tickets for the monumental areas as one shot for all the trip and they call it...

have you ever been to the Botanical Garden in aswan.......i'm sure you will ike it

what is the best time to travel to egypt?

Hi , this is Sandra and Javier , All what i know that he is Egyptian and about 40 y old working with Spanish companies

Is pargining an important issue in Egypt ?does it include every thing?is it a good or bad ?

how much for a driver to take 2 people from nuweiba to mount sinai then after we nhave climbed the mountain onto sharm el sheikh?

Let me know about the hotel expenses.


good Morning , Is it easy to use the public transportation in Cairo and Alex?

What is the exchange rate of a euro to the local egyptian currency? Is it good for shopping? Like for clothes? Is it safe?

Hello , Can any one help with preparing a list of traditional Egyptian foods and in which restaurants can we try it especially in...

Good Morning every one I live in Cairo and wanted to ask about a place named Nation House , i really do not know if it is in Cairo...

are there any vegetarian restaurants in cairo

Lookig for a room or studio for rent for approximately 5 weeks in Cairo. Low budget. Following an acting class down town...... any...

Hi, I am asking about a local restaurant to eat Kebab and Kefta in Sharm El Sheikh , a good local one , not touristique


which place is the best sunny place

Regarding the air balloon , i asked before. Thanks a lot all of you , I did contacted one of the mentioned , than you Marie

Hi there, How is the situation there now, is it safe to travel in Egypt? Plse advise on the current situation?

American TESL teacher in China looking to possibly relocate to Egypt. Interested in info RE: job openings. Malaz

hello egypt localytes , how you doing all , as you seen in my profile that i am not a Professional tour guide i just like to go out...

Can anyone tell me definitively if there are ferry services running from Alexandria to Europe? If yes, which destinations? Can you...

Hi all What will be the best way to go from Aswan to Toushka and if there is better way than going from Aswan? I live in...

guys if any one going in hours back riding trip in pyramids please tell me because i want to join this trip very much ,

I am looking for car (limousine or minibus) with driver speaking english or french in Hurghada Luxor Aswan and for long trips all over Egypt

Hi all , I need to know where to eat typical food (Kebab and Kefta) in sharm el sheikh , i do not need a touristique restaurant, thank you

dancing in Cairo?

Bad idea to be planning a trip to Egypt/Jordan next winter?


Where is a good place to snorkel in the Mediterranean?

how i can work

When I am planning my first trip to Egypt - for 14 nights - what are attractions and sites I MUST see, or the places I cannot miss out...

Looking for a tour guide and car for 2 people for Nov 23-29, 2010 from Cairo.

How to make foreign english speaking friends in Cairo?? Any ideas on how to find foreign friends??

It's been a dream of mine to see the Pyramids. Is it safe to visit?

if i need to visit abu simbel on 26/12/2010 by flight from Aswan and back to Aswan at the same day i need to know the cost of the flight

i need to visit Italy next year including five cities in Italy during my tour there in 3 or 4stars hotel,what's program &cost in 7 days ?

Is it cool to vist Cairo this 2011 Christmas?

Will be staying in Marsa al `Alam and want to know which hotel you would recommend that is family-friendly.

Hi, has anybody got a view on Barry's restaurant, as i would like to go there? Is the food good, price good and service? Thank you kindly.

Dear all, Could you please advise whether the Abdin Palace is open to the Public? What are the visiting hours ?

what are the top three sites to see in Egypt

what is the best way to do the Nile.? do you go down the Nile or up the Nile

can someone give me a 7 day safari to Egypt. need to see the pyramids and any other attarction

I need to know about a typical restaurant for eating Kebab and Kefta en sharm el sheikh , a local one not a touristique one


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