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any brazilian restaurant in prague??? I think there is one!

Dear All; It is a pleasure for me to communicate with you all; i was having a question about the main sightseeing in prague will...

where is best vgetarian restaurant in Prague?

Are there days of the week when Prague Castel is closed?

vegetarian restaurant

hello i would like to visit prague, do you know if cheap hostels are existing there, maybe listed on a web site ? thanks a lot

Looking for free wi-fi in žižkov. I know about Parukařka, and the square by Prokpovka street. Are there any others?

Hi! I'm a journalist and i'm going to visit your country to describe the economic situation. i wander - whether it's good for czech...

favorite restaurant's

Can I pay (in restaurants and stores) in EUR in Prague, or I need CZK? If I want to change currency is it ok to go to an exchange...

Hello friends, I would like to know what curency is better to take with me dollars or euroes?

how to get to Chodovar (Hotel U Sladka) from Hlavni station

Hello, I would like to ask about where I can find not expensive cafes near the hotel ARBI.

Hello, i would like to visit prague just for one day and for one night...What nice things can I do?

Recommendations on local restaurants (not tourist traps), serving good local food where we, who speak primarily English, will be able to ord







Nove Mesto



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