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I will be arriving in Montreal in 15 October and fly out of Montreal again on 21 October and need your advice and service (if available).

what time do retail stores down town close..thanks

arriving YUL Trudeau airport going to Iberville Psgr Terminal, least expensive way to get there. How far from Dorval Station

Will be in Montreal 7/8-7/10. Recommendations? Cool jazz clubs, outdoor events, good (not fancy) food, where friendly people go?

How much would be a tourist would spend a back and forth trip from philippines to Montreal Quebec Canada and 1 month tourist show money. ty!

Hi,i would be in Canada by the last week of August with my wife...,will you be available to take us around...?

Hi - I will unfortunately only be spending one night in Montreal and need some advice for this very short visit due to time...

Would like to go sightseeing in Montreal.

What to do with 1 day in montreal?

downtown restaurants

which are the sites i shouldn't MISS?

where in canada can a foreigner(medical officer) stay at the good price and good much it costs per month?

I am looking for the address of montreal city and greater montreal sigthseeing tour

Need local Map or directions to 3885 rue St-Denis Montre'al, apartments


Dear, while im searching for appatments in Montreal , i found some have Hydro, well what is meant by Hydro?

underground city in motreal

Looking for #Montreal recommendations - places to eat - any suggestions?@localyte #travel

hello,i like your page and i need advise on visiting canada and how to get canada two weeks.

I;m coming to Montreal this coming weekend (July30-Aug 2) and would like a recommendation for a great live blues club........any...

I am small budget traveller going to Montreal and/or Quebec. Any tips?

which are the best clubs for party?

I need a place to stay in downtown Montreal for two months. August and September. I am a student and home/ hostel accomodation is...

we like to visit Montreal. My kids like to go to a beach. Is any lake, river close by?

What is the name of the large white sculpture in front of a building on the coner of Sherbrooke and St Denis streets of a sitting...

Visiting Montreal w/husband and older kids in mid-August. Suggestions for where to stay, what to do?

I'm in Montreal for a wedding and we want to take bachelor out for fun night Friday Oct 2. Heard clubs are impossible to get into. Any...

Hi, we are a German couple visiting Montreal from 1. - 5.4.. We like to experience local life as well as culture. We are french...

Does anyone know how to make sauce for Poutine? Merci!

Coming to Montreal the middle of May then on to Quebec, do you suggest we rent a car and how is the parking?

where in longueuil i can take the ferry ?

I want to go to Canada next year to study, I would like to know if someone could tell me about the Cegep of Quebec.


Traveling from Montreal to South Carolina

I cannot walk far nor climb stairs, but I would like to see soe of the "Underground". Where is the best place for me to enter?

We are from Houston , up here to vist family have two grandkids, 7an9 what would be good for the kids and us to see and eat !! Hope...

looking for a great local non chain seafood resturant

is l'avenue good? will there be a line if I go at 8 am sat ?

Is there a good gallery for art glass?

We are staying in the Old City but would like to see West Island. What is the best/easiest way to travel? Can we use public transportation?

Is Toque still the best restaurant in Montreal? I need to find the 'latest place' for my boss to wine and dine big clients! Thanks.

what would be a good hotel near the hippodrome, coming to see U2

Other than Schwartz's and Au Pied de Cochon, what are some other good places to eat in Montreal?


La Ronde, Amusement Park - is it open during March break?

Hyatt Regency downtown: is it near Old Montreal?

any vegetarian restaurants around?

How much would it cost a round trip plane ticket from Philippines to Montreal Quebec Canada? I'm just planning a vacation this coming summer

Help me to find a cheapest apartment in Montreal. Send me an email if you have any idea how much is the monthly rental. thank you see ya!!!!

were is an SPCA??

What to do while in Montreal (on a budget) for four days at the end of March?

Family things to enjoy over the New Years weekend Dec. 30 2011 to Jan 3 2012?

Is the evening dinner entertainment at Maison Hantee spoken in both English and French? And is the food & entertainment worth the price?

More specifically anyone have hookups in or to Montreal? Never been, love that PQ is like Europe IN Canada!

Hi, I will be shifting to Montreal in the beginning of next year.My office will be in Decarie Boulevard.

I want to book a flight to #Montreal this summer .. What is the best deal??

Can I bring wine from the Duty free in Montreal to Cuba?

My wife and I will be in Montreal for the weekend-we are in our 50's and still like to go out at night but we don't want to hang with the 20

Hi, am looking for a day trip from Montreal to lacs/mountains surrounding Montreal on May 2 and could not find any... any recommendations?

Going to Montreal for birthday weekend! Any tips for shopping? Sightseeing? Dillydallying?

Whats a good bar to go to on a suday night that is near the airport in Montreal

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