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Is there any chocolate factory tour in Belgium like the Cadbury tour in UK? Where can I get details of this tour?

How to get to Dour festival? I live in london and going with my five friends to belgium to see the dour festival. what is the easiet...

Does anybody know any cool things to do in Brussels, Belgium?

Do you know what Belgium is best known for?

Can any body show me how to get from Brussels central station to the shopping district in Antwerp?

What laguage do people in Belgium speak?

Can you tell me how can I get to Brussels from London by car?

Tell me how to get from Paris Airport to Brussels, Belgium.

Where is a website so I can find room to rent on Brussels?

What are the things I can do in Belgium? Any interesting things to see?

taking my wife to Belgium for a second honeymoon. Want your suggestions for a romantic restaurant with good food. Thanks.

Hey! In september/october I'm going to Belgium. I'd like to take some dance classes in Brussels. Can you give me some names, links,...

Would you recommend a city in Belgium which I should visit?

I will be in Belgium, basesd in Brussels, next week. I will have no private transport. What are the top things that I should see and do?

I plan to go to Belgium soon and would like to know what the country is best known for.

Fun things to do in Belgium? What are the secret things only locals do?

Which would you prefer to visit? Belgium or France?

Do you know the best city or town to visit in Belgium?

Going to Belgium in a few weeks, what do you think I should see there?

I'll have 4 days in Belgium, please give me your ideas to stay and visit Belgium with budget about 200 euro?

Do you think that Belgium is a nice place to visit? I'm going there in January

I need to get my passport renewed, Can you tell me where Can I do so?

Do you know what language do most of the people in Belgium speak?

Looking for local custom and manners, how to tip etc, so I won't act ignorant in Belgium!

Can anyone tell me what requirements do I need to get a tourist visa to Belgium?

Anybody been to Belgium?

introducing - kenya

I would like to know of french schools in belgium???

where to fing the cheapest luxurious place to stay and also to hire to hire a travel guide in Belgium. feel free to send me your...

Are higways free of charge in Belgium ? IF not, how do I pay for travellig in a personal car ? Where can I buy vignettes ? thanks

It is Suppose to travel to Belgium for one week in an Business trip next Jan. 2012 what about weather n hotels prices n after work what is y


Brussels (Bruxelles)









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