Questions about Australia

We want to visit New Zealand,think it's a beautiful country. Have you been there/

which place is fun?

I've never been to a canberra mueseum before,can you tell me about one?

I'm planning a 3 week road trip between melbourne > brisbane, but stuck for ideas. Any top route tips? #australia

Best tourist places in australia?

Fun things to do in Australia? What are the secret things only locals do?

Driving from Gold Coast to Blue Mountain in Aus in Jan. Any suggestions on places to visit for a few days?

I'm thinking of visitng Australia next year,want to know more about the places I should visit as a tourist.

any place for a cheap beach house?

What is there to see and do in Cairns in just 4 hours?



Education in Australia

What would the weather be like during the month of September? How much would the air fare be like from Melbourne to Gold Coast?

THis summer I will spend 5 weeks in Australia. The first 2 weeks my partner and I will stay with locals near Brisbane, Aug 8 - 22, so...

Looking for Companion Who can Show me around when travel in Sydney and surronding places

I'm going to Australia in March 2010

going to play the Nulabour links. should I play east to west or west to east? any advice welcome

P2 driver travelling in NSW from Victoria?

Which is the best travel book to take to guide me thru Australia? Any website?

I am looking for a publisher in an English speaking country.

Hello, me and a brother want to backpacking to anypart of Australia. Would you anyone suggest us the best part to visit? yet...

Hi... we're a community from bali... (bali_backpacker) want to backpacking around Australia... any suggest for us the best way point...

Hi, I am visiting Sydney and would like any info on how and where to find cheap transport, accommodation, activities and attractions.

can you give me a little more detail about. the aboriginal adventure you offer.

if i like to visit Australia ,how much accommodation cost ,eat only vegetables, and sight seeing tour u estimated per day .

going to australia next year, SOLO. Is that a good idea?

contact me when u need cheap air tickets

where to fing the cheapest luxurious place to stay and also to hire to hire a travel guide in Australia,mainly in Brisbane,sydneyand...

A chef job in Australia

Hi,I wish to take a backpack tour of New Zealand. Which book will be the best guide for me?

Hi mates! Going to be in WA over Christmas and NY. What is IYHO the nicest hotel in Perth in a price range upto 200 EUR (300 AUD)?

I am Chindra from Sri-Lanka visiting for LIONS CONVENTION I have been to Australia before I am in my forties loves ...

I'm looking for a DMC in Australia with spanish speaker guides, need some help please

i'm arriving in brisbane in mid september. will that be a good time(climate,cost,availability for lodging) to visit uluru? i'm...

i like california syrahs and cabs. where should i go in australia to find similar wines? thanks!

where is a good gym, health and fitness centre in melbourne

Me and friends are thinking about going there in the mid-winter around june of july. Is it a good idea to go to "Tazmania" I only have one w

We are a travel agent in Hanoi, Vietnam, looking for partners around the world to promote our Vietnam tours and Indochina tours. It...


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