User profiles on Localyte was originally created because many of the best travel experiences start with getting to know a local person like you.

Localyte brought travelers and Localytes together to promote authentic travel experiences.

Localytes were local people who were proud of where they lived, and wanted to share their local knowledge with travelers. provided a way for people to write about themselves. They could also describe services they might offer such as tours, driving, tutoring, and more.

Members could provide helpful answers to questions posted by other users. This would demonstrate their expertise about the local area.

Travelers could then contact Localytes through the site and begin communication about booking local tours or services for their trip.

Travelers were able to post reviews on Localytes, give feedback, and interact with the worldwide community.

The original design of Localyte is shown on the left. These features have now been disabled, but we are open to ideas from users of the site. If you would like to contribute feedback, or if you had a previous account and need to recover critical data, please contact us.