Address: Murcia, Philippines

Latitude: 10.6072940

Longitude: 123.0403510

Time Zone: Philippine Time

Categories: Activities

Tags: Family, Romantic


a great place to go. it's a mountain resort where you can have all the fun you want. perfect for family outing/picnic and big celebrations. it is situated in the mountain. it has 2 swimming pools, it has 7 falls to hike, and my fave is the dipping pool - hot sulfur spring. it has a zip line called 'slide for life' though not so grand like others but it's worth the try. you can also do some wall climbing and it also has a butterfly sanctuary. you can jog around and enjoy the trees or walk the whole area ;) you can also do boating with your kids or love one. it's one great place to be if you need a break from the busy work sked and city life.

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