Palm WIne Bar

Address: Enugu, Nigeria

Latitude: 6.4336890

Longitude: 7.4978470

Time Zone: West Africa Time

Categories: Culture, Dining

Tags: Popular, $, Romantic


The palmwine made from the Palm tree ,which boasts of being the sole source of revenue for eastern Nigeria in the early history of Nigeria under the leadership of Mcheal Okapara,is
the local alchoholic beverage very sweet tasting and not very intoxicating.
This bar offers this served african style in the Igbo...(wawa ) way.
Palmwine bar Enugu serves this up nicely.It is stored in gourds made from natural material by hand.
It is a tremendously nutritous drink rich in yeast and vitamins B and A.It tastes like "Smirnoff" but is usually better and ofcourse is organic and raw.
when you want to drink local palm wine, that is drink tapped from the palm tree.
this is were to be small quantities can be good to your health, and an over dose will give you a serious hangover

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