Las Penas, Guayaquil

Address: Las Penas, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Latitude: -2.1859800

Longitude: -79.8793500

Time Zone: Ecuador Time

Categories: Attraction, Culture

Tags: Tourist-free, Family, Popular


It is one of the best places to visit in Guayaquil if you want to spend a while enjoying your stay and not only getting to picture spots. Personally it made me remind of Milan Kundera´s description of the difference between european and american parks, on the first, you have to walk, a limited speed, the importance is on the different perspective the road offers. On american parks signs indicate how long until the next particular spot. This walk is to be enjoyed as a european park, with patience and as an experience on itself, being the beautiful view from above a plus, but not the goal, if not you will suffer from the steps instead of enjoying them and stopping as much as it suits you .
Is really cool, there is an exhausted 500 steps or around but it worth it, the view from the top is just amazing and you can see all Guayaquil from there!
In las peñas, you'll find a lot of places for having fun, there is a mixture of the old and the new city... near las Peñas is also the Colon Plaza the oldest chruch in Guayaquil is located here and the fireman museum... have fun
The oldest place in Guayaquil, it keeps few to none remainings from colonial times since the city was burned three times, and almost all of its history got lost because of that.

Still it is a wonderful place to visit, with small streets and a light house at the top of the hill that can give you a wonderfull view of the whole city, you can walk around any time you like, you can choose what to do, there are serveral small stores an hundreds of cafeterias and bars. You can drink a cup of coffee with some "patacones" (a must if you come here) or drink a beer while smoking an habano in Diva Nicotina (one of the most popular places around there).

Down from Las Peñas you can walk around and see a mix of old buildings and totally renewed constructions, you can also go near the Imax to an artificial pond where you can feed the ducks or just relax before going any further.

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