Huaca Melgarejo, La Molina

Address: Av La Fontana, Lima, Peru

Latitude: -12.0730173

Longitude: -76.9480811

Time Zone: Peru Time

Categories: Culture

Tags: Tourist-free, $


Huaca (Inca's ruins, largely devoted to religious purposes) Melgarejo is a religious and cemetery construction of the Cultura Lima buildings that flourished between the 300 to 600 hundred years after Christ. It was dedicated to religious services and as a cemetery. It consists of a scalonated construction that originally had some kind of roof; it's walls were by then painted; Melgarejo is as old as Huaca Puccllana in Miraflores and they all where part of a group of religious and administrative constructions of this culture that were distributed geographically from Santa Clara (some 15 klms. away to the east side of the Lima Valley. By the year 600 hundred after Christ, it is supposed, it was abandoned for no clear reasons yet to be found.
Huaca Melgarejo was not very well maintained through the years and look erosionated because of being misused. It is located amid of urban houses and you can see some effort is actually done to bring it up valuated.

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