El Avila Park

Address: Located along the central stretch of the Cordillera de la Costa Mountains in northern Venezuela, Caracas 1010-A, Venezuela

Latitude: 10.5000000

Longitude: -66.9167020

Time Zone: Venezuela Time

Categories: Activities, Attraction

Tags: Popular, Tourist-free, Romantic


The Avila Park is the largest hill in Caracas, separating the city of the Caribbean Sea and the coast, has more than 1500mts high and is the most important natural park in the capital.
During the rainy months, the Avila Park becomes a wonderful mountain of green and different colors. The vegetation, typical of the tropics, climb steps varies for it. In the perfect blend of forests, savannas, rivers and streams.
In it you can perform many activities, from walking with the family to climb to the top. Avila has been converted from always in the largest natural gym. many people get every day, just to exercise.

El Avila, has many entrances, Sabas Nieves is preferred for your safety and affluence of people.
Quaint Village nestled on the northen face of the mountain top of the Avila National park or Waraira Repano as it is now called. It faces the Caribbean sea and has many attractions ranging from restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, antique shops, flower plantations, roadside stands. It can only be accesed by 4x4 vehicles with local guides or residents, you can also reach it from the Teleferico that runs from Caracas in Mariperez.

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