Ngulia Bandas

Address: Tsavo West National Park, Mombasa Rd, Mangani, Kenya

Latitude: -3.2706849

Longitude: 38.0631455

Time Zone: East Africa Time

Categories: Lodging

Tags: Family, Romantic


Ngulia Bandas is situated in Tsavo West and is built on a hilly side where it offers magnificent view of the parc.The place is dense as herds of elephants usually passes infron of the lodge looking for pastures.The place is idealique considering the charme of Tsavo West.A volcanic region where the landscape is fantastic.The place is cheap compared to all other lodges in the parc but does not mean the serviced offered are of lower quality.It is cheap while maintening the same qualities of a superb lodge.The place has also a bar , a restaurant overlooking the water point and a view offering a great scenery...
The staff are well motivated workers and go always an extra mile in making your stay a memorable one.The Ngulia Bandas today are runned by another proprietor who is known in the Tourism industry and is a well motivated person in offering quality services.

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