Zoologico Municipal de Quilpue

Address: Calle Cruz, 994, Quilpue, Chile

Latitude: -33.1153720

Longitude: -71.5540060

Time Zone: Chile Time

Categories: Attraction

Tags: Outdoors


There is no zoo in Valparaiso city, so those who want to have an activity for their kids, or maybe drop someone off who can't behave, then you have to go to Quilpué.
This place is about 30 minutes by bus from Valparaiso, and if you take the train or car you'll be there within 20 minutes or so.
Quilpué is relatively Tourist-free, and it is quite a small town.
Do I recommend this place for you to take your kids if they're bored? Yes. it a place where you can see and compare the types of animals we have in Chile, compared to those in your country. However, many times, most of the animals come from the same traditional places that the ones in the zoo near your house do.
If you're spending over a week in Chile, then yes, you should go. If you're only here 4 days... NO. Go to the countryside and see more intresting places, without getting your hands all sticky with cotton candy.

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