Lord egerton castle

Address: Nakuru, Kenya

Latitude: -0.2833333

Longitude: 36.0666667

Time Zone: East Africa Time

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Molten rock safaris knows the history of Lord Egerton, fourth baron of Tatton, first came to Kenya in the 1920s. A keen hunter and photographer, he was enchanted by the country and bought 1,900 acres of farmland near his close friend Lord Delamere.

While on long leave in England, he fell in love with an eligible young lady who would not consider marrying him, as she had been brought up to live in a castle, not a mud hut. Lord Egerton returned to Kenya and built a 52 room castle near Njoro west of molten rock safaris offices, modelled on the family mansion in Knustford, complete with oak panelling – the oak imported from England – and a magnificent ballroom. It took him several years to create such a perfect home for his bride to be, that by the time it was finished, his lady friend had fallen in love with someone else.

Lord Egerton then threw his energies into farming. He set up Egerton Agricultural College on 1,200 acres of land near Delamere’s plant breeding station, now part of Egerton University. His entire family fortune was sunk into developing Kenya’s agriculture. He died in 1958 leaving no heir. The castle is a shadow of its former glory, but is open to the public.

To make your way to the castle is easy from Nakuru just Google Molten rock safaris request/hire a car and direction it a twenty minutes drive.

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