Poa Place & Garden Resort

Address: POA Place and Garden, P.O. Box 3273, Eldoret, Kenya

Latitude: 0.5060996

Longitude: 35.3016933

Time Zone: East Africa Time

Categories: Activities

Tags: Family, Outdoors


POA PLACE IS A FAMILY HOT SPOT. IT ALSO HAS VARIOUS ATTRACTIONS FOR NATURE LOVERS.It is a wonderful place for individuals and family relaxation. Poa place has a nature park within it where one can see a variety of animal species such as snakes, lizards, rabbits among others. Though no wild animals.Animal lovers have every reason to smile, for the resort boasts of a nature trail and with a variety of animals as well as a lay park on the property for a perfect family outing. Located on the outskirts of Eldoret town, Poa provides activities for children and has cottages great for recreational purposes for travelers who are exhausted.

One also gets to try out the Rock Bay bar and restaurant.From a far it resembled a group of rocks thrown together by Mother Nature peeping over the edge. But a closer scrutiny reveals windows of a carefully designed bar in the coal black surface. The uneven edges resemble a natural outcrop; only the windows betray the unique building. The restaurant is surrounded by water making it look like a floating restaurant.

For more information and bookings you can kindly contact us at Tel: 053-2032353.

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