Istana Bogor

Address: Jalan Insinyur Haji Juanda - Paledang, Bogor, Indonesia

Latitude: -6.5979370

Longitude: 106.7968941

Time Zone: Western Indonesia Standard Time

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Istana Bogor or Bogor Palace is the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia. Istana Bogor is one of six Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia, which has its own uniqueness. The uniqueness is due to historical aspects, culture and fauna. One of them is the presence of deer - the beautiful deer imported directly from Nepal and remain maintained from beginning until now.
This palace has a total area of ​​28 hectares, was founded in 1745 by Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies; Baron Gustaf Willem Van Imhof.
It is now a habit of Bogor residents, take a walk on edge the palace fence while to feed the deer that live in the yard.
Bogor Palace was built in August 1744 and a three-story, at first is a vacation home. The building is modeled on the architecture Blenheim Palace, the residence of the Duke Malborough. Bogor Palace shape of the building has undergone many changes, from only a vacation home into the palace Paladian. Area of 28.4 hectares of yard, and building area of ​​14,892 m².
On October 10, 1834 an earthquake caused the eruption of Mount Salak cause severe damage. Bogor Palace was rebuilt in 1850, but did not rise again because of anticipation to deal with earthquakes. In the reign of Governor-General Albert Jacob Duijmayer van Twist (1851-1856) the old building was demolished and the rest of the quake was built with European architecture of the 19th century.
In 1870, Buitenzorg Palace became the official residence of Governor General of Dutch East Indies. Buitenzorg Palace last occupant was the Governor General Tjarda van Starkenborg Stachourwer, and gave the palace to General Imamura, the Japanese occupation government. In 1950, after the independence, Bogor Presidential Palace began to be used by the Indonesian government, and officially became one of the Indonesian Presidential Palace.

In 1968 the Bogor Palace was officially opened to public requests for approval of the President

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