Mount Halimun Salak National Park

Address: West Java, Indonesia

Latitude: -7.0909110

Longitude: 107.6688870

Time Zone: Western Indonesia Standard Time

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Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS) is a large conservation area covering 400 Mount Halimun is the most secure home for Javan Lutung (Trachypithecus auratus) and other endemic species. It is also the home for 145 rare bird species. Inside the park, there are also several enclave plantations, settlements traditional communities, the activities of gold mining, electricity generating geothermal energy, and mass tourism.
The waterfall is one attraction which attracted many tourists. TNGHS has many waterfalls, such as: (1) waterfall Cipamulan Cimantaja and waterfall, is located in the village Cikiray, sub Cikidang and Sukabumi district, (2) Piit waterfall (waterfall Cihanjawar), Swallow and waterfall waterfall Cikudapaeh, there are around Nirmala Tea Plantation , (3) Citangkolo waterfall, located in the village Mekarjaya, Kabandungan district, Sukabumi district, (4) waterfall Cileungsing Ciberang and waterfall, is located in the vicinity of the village Leuwijamang; and (5) Ciarnisah waterfall, located near the village of Cibedug.
At Mount Salak itself, there are several waterfall including; Curug Cangkuang (Cidahu); Curug Pilung (Girijaya); Curug Cibadak (Cijeruk); Curug Citiis (Ciapus); Curug Jackfruit (Taman Sari); Curug Ciputri (Tenjolaya); Curug Cihurang, Cirug Cigamea, hide and waterfall waterfall Thousand (Pamijahan), Curug Cibereum (Jayanegara).
There is an interesting natural phenomenon in TNGHS, namely Ratu Crater. This crater is located on the slopes of Mount Salak peak 1 and in the middle of the forest is still relatively good. To reach this place, it can be through channels or through Sand Reungit Cangkuang, Gunung Bunder. At this location guests have to be careful, there can be long and too close to sources of hot steam, because every moment may occur toxic gases are very dangerous.

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