Fried Grouper Fish Restaurant

Address: Gorontalo, Indonesia

Latitude: 0.5525120

Longitude: 123.0654980

Time Zone: Waktu Indonesia Tengah/Central Indonesia Standard Time

Categories: Dining

Tags: Family, $


Grouper fish is one species of reef fish, which has a a very high price. Grouper fish have advantageous qualities to be cultivated due to rapid growth and may be in mass production. These fish species are usually made of grilled fish and fried fish. The Restaurant in Gorontalo often provide grouper fish menu. Restaurants along the shoreline area provides a menu Gorontalo much grouper fish that is still fresh.
Not surprisingly, the menu of this type sold well in the area of Gorontalo, especially Grouper menu Fried hot chilli. Although the various regions in Indonesia are available types of this menu, it served in certainly different with different recipes.
To enjoy the dish "Fried Grouper hot chilli" ready to eat in the city of Gorontalo, you can enjoy them at home eating seafood. The most famous are fried grouper rica "Sari Laut Mas Bambang", which is located in Jl. Nani Wartabone, complex "Great Mosque Baiturrahim" the city of Gorontalo.

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