Aguacan Cold Spring Resort, Maragusan

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Latitude: 7.0644444

Longitude: 125.6077778

Time Zone: Philippine Time

Categories: Activities

Tags: Family, $


Aguacan Cold Spring Resort is located in the mountainous part of Maragusan jungle.
The place is so serene and and remarkably beautiful. Its ice cold crystal clear water flows freely to the resort pool.
The place is best for camping. One may trail hiking or do trekking. One may go have a quick dip in the pool-nobody can last long in the super cold water.
The resort can accommodate many guests. Picnic huts are available to those who wanted to stay for a day. Lodging houses are for those who wanted to stay overnight or more and in groups.
The distance is quite far, yet once you get there...the place is worth a visit.

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