Malabon Zoo

Address: Pinagtipunan Circle, Malabon City, Philippines

Latitude: 14.6634300

Longitude: 120.9829020

Time Zone: Philippine Time

Categories: Attraction

Tags: Family


Malabon Zoo, is a own and manage by a Private Person. He used to collect only animals as a hobby. But soon, after sometime, a hobby becomes a lucrative business and high maintenance hobby. But among zoological park within Metro Manila, Malabon zoo is quite expensive, having an entrance fee of Php 120.00 per head. But since like I said, it’s started as a just a hobby of private person, the treatment of how the park is being manage is more personalized. Although you can read some unfavorable reviews, there were some good reviews also. It all depends on how it personally affects you when you have actual visit and tour of the place. And so far for me, the place is clean and it’s not so quite confusing because the animals on it are not that many compared to other zoological parks.

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