Kumanovska Banja

Address: Proevce, Macedonia (FYROM)

Latitude: 42.1250580

Longitude: 21.7413441

Time Zone: Central Europe Time

Categories: Lodging

Tags: Family, Outdoors


The Proevo spa is located 4 km east from Kumanovo, in northern part of the Republic of Macedonia. Proevo spa is also known as spa of Kumanovo (Kumanovska banja).
The mineral waters in Proevo spa-resort contain calcium, sodium, hydro-carbonate, cobalt, zinc, magnesium, copper, silicon, aluminum, iodine, loose carbon dioxide. The water temperature is about 30° C, and it helps in the treatment of, among other things, nervous conditions, diseases of the digestive organs, diabetes, and kidney diseases.
There is also a cheap lodging and dining in the complex Trajko Loparski.

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