San Marino

Address: Francisco de Orellana Avenue, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Latitude: -2.1692840

Longitude: -79.8982260

Time Zone: Ecuador Time

Categories: Shopping, Dining, Bars, Clubs, Nightlife

Tags: Family, $$, Tourist-free


here you could find differents options for enterteinment, shopping and having fun ... restaurants. food court, and cafeterias... music alive and a movie theater
is one of my favorites in the city ... there's also Fridays and Sports planet!! great places for relaxing and have some drinks with friends!
Going to a mall to find places where to spend some hours time is a nice idea, probably not the best in terms of local culture as it is not the latin-american way of relating traditionally but a recent addition to local culture coming from the influence of the north-american society (movies, malls, california styled homes, shorts, rock, pop....)
Latin american people usually met in open squares during weekends, on particular religious festivities or in bars, pubs , cafeterias and restaurants but not those in a Mall which basically is like meeting in a shop...., but if you want to play safe, it is a good choice to stay indoors somewhere as this, though it will never replace the 'real thing' experience.
Lo mejor para ver partidos de futbol , comer y disfrutar en grupos. Tiene platos para picar. Hay hapy hours. Amplio parqueo. Las mujeres mas bellas se encuentran ahi para atenderte. Como queda en el centro comercial es seguro de visitar abierto has las 24h00.
It is a cool place to go and nice people, also to go there from hostals and hotel are not far away, there are many buses and taxi that go to San Marino shopping where is locate it Sport Planet.
it is very important to go early when is a important match because some times get s full and they don t alow more people.
Very nice restaurant and pub, with a lot of TVs and even a large projection screen, is a perfect location to watch important games with a bunch of friends. Located in the second floor of the shopping center, is easy to get parking and very safe at night. Dishes are exquisites, the food is a kind of Tex-mex, and you have a lot of choices for snacks also. It's a nice place to have a family time for lunch or dinner with quiet music, but after 20:00 it's more like a pub or bar. Recommended.
Great place to watch any kind of sports, specially the most popular of all in Ecuador, futbol-soccer.
You can watch me most important matches from all around the world, also this worldcup in south Africa 2010, starting June 11 and during a whole month.
You can eat many different dishes, drink... just a great place to enjoy sports.
San Marino its a commercial center where you can find restaurants, shopping places, cinemas and a special place inside whith comfortable chairs and tables, to eat or to connect to internet with its free wifi. It is located in Francisco de Orellana avenue, behind Policentro Shopping. North of Guayaquil, at 8 minutes of the airport.

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