Mausoleum of Bibi Pak Daman, Lahore, Pakistan

Address: Lahore District 54000, Pakistan

Latitude: 31.5450500

Longitude: 74.3406830

Time Zone: Pakistan Standard Time

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Bibi Paak Daman is the name given to the shrine and mausoleum of Ruqayyah bint Ali located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Legend has it that it holds the graves of six ladies from the family of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) i.e. Ehl-e-Bait.

Ruqayah bint Ali ibn Abu Talib was the daughter of the first Shia Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (the cousin and son-in-law of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his wife Umm al Banin bint Huzaam. Ruqayah bint Ali was the full sister of Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali and also the wife of Muslim ibn Aqeel (emissary of third Shi'a Imam Husayn ibn Ali to Kufah).

Others are said to be Muslim ibn Aqil's sister and daughters. It is said that these ladies came here after the event of the battle of Karbala on the 10th day of the month of Muharram in 61 AH (October 10, AD 680). Some scholars consider Ruqayah to have been the daughter of Sayid Ahmed Tokhta (12th century).

Bibi Paak Daman is located between Garhi Shahu and Railway Station area. The easiest way to go to Bibi Paak Daman is from the Empress Road and from there, take the small road opposite Police Lines and then the first left-turn.

Bibi Paak Daman, which means the pure women, is the collective name of the six ladies believed to interred at this mausoleum, though it is also popularly used to refer to the personage of Ruqayyah bint Ali alone. They were among the women who brought Islam to the Indian subcontinent, preaching and engaging in missionary activity in the environs of Lahore.

It is said that Data Ganj Bakhsh, considered a great Sufi saint of the subcontinent, was himself a devotee of the Bibi Pak Daman shrine.

This is a must-visit shrine for all Muslims, whether living in Lahore, Pakistan or out of Pakistan. The place is considered to be the source of great spiritual enlightenment for Shia Muslims of Pakistan, Iran and elsewhere.

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