Address: 日本, 神奈川県川崎市中原区小杉町3丁目441

Latitude: 35.5739020

Longitude: 139.6579870

Time Zone: Japan Standard Time

Categories: Dining

Tags: Cultural, $$


Very popular with locals in the area, it is a bit fancy, a bit casual with a wide selection of Shochu. The waiters and waitresses are very polite. They specialize in chicken dishes including the all time favorite "Yakitori" dishes. They even have some sashimi chicken that is not available unless the chicken is the freshest. A couple can find the place romantic and many couple do come in for a drink to accompany conversation and the fine food that they serve. However, their wide selection of shochu with some very hard to find labels in the mix, makes this place an exceptional watering hole for a local town like Musashikosugi. You may want to make reservations if you plan to go there before 8:00PM.

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