Address: Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture Fujisawa江の島1丁目4−8

Latitude: 35.3008365

Longitude: 139.4808769

Time Zone: Japan Standard Time

Categories: Activities

Tags: Outdoors, Family


Enoshima is the of Shonan, arguably the most famous of Japan's beaches. Shonan was made famous by the surf rock bands mimicking the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and the Ventures in the 60s and 70s, as well as "home" for Southern Allstars and Tube, two major Japanese bands of the 80s and 90s. Great summer beach houses for parties, beautiful views of Mt. Fuji, and the island is an enticing excursion. All of it is only 90 minutes from almost anywhere in Tokyo and easily accessible by public transportation and a short walk. And, by the way, the beaches are way cleaner than as recently as 5 years ago! Like Mt. Fuji itself, the growing numbers in recent years have actually been more concerned with maintaining the environment than over the previous 30 years. The beaches are still not "clean", but I swim in the ocean again - I used to feel the slime sticking on my skin - yuck! Let's not go there ever again!!!

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