Tsavo West National Park

Address: The Warden, Tsavo West National Park, PO Box 71, Taveta, Kenya

Latitude: -3.2706850

Longitude: 38.0631450

Time Zone: East Africa Time

Categories: Activities

Tags: Family, Outdoors


More than 50 different kinds of mammals graze, browse, hunt and scavenge in the grasslands and bush country of the Tsavo West National Park. Zebras are always seen slaking their thirst near Tsavo West's luxurious game lodges. Among the more unusual of the animals is the gerenuk, a long necked antelope that browses on the higher, sweeter leaves of the acacia thorns. Carnivores are also abundant in the park.
The most famous of Tsavo West's site is Mzima Springs, where rainfall collected in the porous volcanic rocks springs forth at the rate of 225 million liters a day into pools and streams of crocodiles and hippos infested waters. Tsavo West offers excellent luxury tented camp, and lodges. Kilanguni Serena Safari Lodge and Finch Hattons Camp are the famous and opted ones.

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