Canlaon City

Address: Canlaon City, Philippines

Latitude: 10.3833330

Longitude: 123.2000000

Time Zone: Philippine Time

Categories: Attraction

Tags: Outdoors


Mt Kanlaon, the tallest peak in Central Visayas and among the highest in the country, rises 8,050 feet above sea level on the boundary between the two Negros provinces. The crater is approximately 9.5 kilometers from the Canlaon City center. Mt. Kanlaon National Park covers 24,577 hectares, 3,296 hectares or 8% of which are under Negros Oriental jurisdiction. The volcano endows Canlaon City, nestled on its northeastern slopes, with cool weather, fertile soil, and an abundance of natural attractions. The city sprawls at an elevation of 2,600 feet above sea level. It is the take-off point for mountain climbing to the volcano summit, Makawiwili Ridge, and Margaha Valley; or for excursions into a number of waterfalls including Sandugan, Mananawin, Inihawan, Kipot and Sudlon. There are as well unusual sites such as the Masulog Rice Terraces, Bucalan Hot Springs, the OISCA Model Farm, Camp Mapot, and the natural water slides of Padudusan Falls.

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