Majestic City

Address: Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Latitude: 6.8940180

Longitude: 79.8547750

Time Zone: Indian Standard Time

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An popular hangout in the city, also a popular shopping mall with a modern Cinema and a array of shops from Triumph to Reebok to local brands. Also has a Dining area that includes self service Thai, Chinese, Local, Mexican, Halal, Malay, Mongolian, indian and Hawaiian restuarants. Alos has a Pizza Hut and KFC.
majestic city is the most popular shopping mall in colombo. the reason is its low price range. cinema is quite ok there but not the best. next to MC is unity plaza which is an IT mall
Movie goers can also catch a film at the state-of-the-art Majestic Cinema which can accommodate a total number of 450 people and has earned an important and unique status among movie enthusiasts in the country.

Majestic City is a shopping complex that promises visitors a place of enjoyment, excitement and of course, a great place to enjoy in Colombo.
Majestic City is one of the most visited shopping malls in Colombo. At any time it is full of people, shopping or window shopping. there are many shops, trading in many things from Electronics to shoes. There is also a cinema hall on the 4th floor. And a Food Court in the basement. Parking is available in the Basement area. A KFC outlet is also situated in the Ground Floor.
A place to mix and mingle with the local crowd.

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