Shopping Iguatemi Florianópolis

Address: Av. Md Benvenuta, 687, Florianópolis - SC, 88035-000, Brasil

Latitude: -27.5914770

Longitude: -48.5151930

Time Zone: Brazil Standard Time

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Florianopolis is not really a place to "shop". Yet on the days when bad weather precludes going to the beach, the people of Floripa go to the main shopping centers. The places will be so crowded, you will think it's Christmas! The newest and largest shopping center is Iguatemi, and it's just up and over the hill from Lagoa, and the other eastern beach communities. Coming from Lagoa, you will want to take "Saida 2" after you've descended the hill. Iguatemi has all the essential mall-type stores: shoes, clothing, surfwear, etc, all very overpriced. One shop feaured a "hip" baseball cap with a hip price tag of 800 reais (so like $450)! The best bargains can be found at BIG, which is owned and operated by Wal-Mart. Yet the majority of BIG's square footage is dedicated to it's supermarket, so probably not of much interest to the visiting tourist. Iguatemi does have a multiplex cinema, and most films are in english, with portuguese sub-titles (Legendado). You'll probably want to avoid the films shown as Dublado; they are dubbed in portuguese, and the dublado films are usually for child and adolescent age groups. But as far as malls go, Iguatemi is a decent one. Unlike Rio, which has the "Hippie Fair" in Ipanema, and the Sunday market in Sao Paulo at Praça Republica, Floripa sadly lacks any venue that showcases local arts and crafts, especially paintings and sculptures. There is a small gathering in the Lagoa on weekends, but the items are mostly "brega" (tacky). The best souvenir to bring back from Floripa is a good tan and a pair of Havianas!

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