Coptic Museum

Address: Mar Guirguis Street, Cairo, Egypt

Latitude: 30.0561100

Longitude: 31.2394450

Time Zone: Central Africa Time

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Completed in the last five years, this museum can be found in the Coptic area of Cairo. It has many exhibits ranging from religious icons to samples of fabric dating from the early times of Christianity.
Maybe the finest collection of coptic art and atiquities in the world,including illuminated manuscripts and textiles.
a great place to visit, cultural and inspiral and it's alot of fun to go :)
Besides the truly Egyptian heritage of Coptic Christians, there are also Roman Catholics, as well as a number of Protestant sects. Christianity spread in Egypt during the 2nd century in Egypt, just after and indeed during the Roman pagan period, and it became the dominant religion in Egypt up until the Arab invasion in 641 AD.
The Coptic Museum houses the largest collection of Egyptian Christian artefacts in the world. It was founded by Marcus Simaika Pasha in 1910 and was erected on land offered by the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria under the guardianship of Pope Cyril V. The Museum holds a collection of 16,000 works of art, of which 1,200 real treasures are exhibited to the public. It owns 6,000 papyrus manuscripts of which the most important are the Psalms of David and the manuscripts of Nag Hammadi.

The Coptic community was generous in their support of the museum, donating many vestments, frescoes, and icons. In 1931 the Coptic Museum became a state museum, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Antiquities, and in 1939 the collection of Christian antiquities in the Egyptian Museum was moved there. The entire museum was renovated between 1983 and 1984 while the foundations were strengthened and reinforced between 1986 and 1988, which helped the museum survive the 1992 earthquake. Further renovations took place 2005-06.

Coptic monuments display a rich mixture of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traditions, linking ancient and Islamic Egypt. The objects are grouped into different mediums, such as stonework, woodwork, metalwork, textiles and manuscripts.

You may choose to see this museum on a tour of Coptic Cairo, when you will visit the Museum along with a number of other important old Coptic churches. All the sites are close together and it's a great way to spend 5 or 6 hours.


Opening hours 9.00 am to 4.30 pm (may change without notice)

Entrance fees LE50, students LE25; Egyptians LE2, students LE1 (Feb 2010)

3 Mar Girgis Street
Old Cairo
(Misr al-Qadimah)
Tel: (+202) 2362 8766, 23639742

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