cinepax , jinnah park , jail road , Rawalpindi , Pakistan

Address: Jinnah Park, Airport Rd, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Latitude: 33.5845235

Longitude: 73.0741629

Time Zone: Pakistan Standard Time

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The first Cinepax cinema in Rawalpindi opened its doors for cine gores on Eid-ul-Fittar Day on October 14, 2007. Mohabtan sachian and Khuda kay liye were first released films at this cinema. At point of its opening, it was believed to be the Pakistan’s biggest cinema with 5 screens and has ability to accommodate 1400 viewers. And yes, it totally was a success because people who used to miss cinema atlast found something where they can enjoy movies with their families. Main purpose of this project was to show Hollywood movies within a month of their release and also the promotion of movies of Lollywood.

They also displayed Fast and the Furious 4, Wanted and Transformers 2 which, i can say without any doubts, were the biggest hits. Even after one week of their release, people were so mad to watch these movies twice that many of them had to watch other movies or return to their homes sadly because of House full. Cinepax also opened a gaming zone in their basement. One can play games on PC, Wii, Xbox 360 and even PS3. It attracted alot of attention of online and LAN gamers and they also conducted tournaments. They also showed the Pakistani matches of T20 and final football match of champions league.
But are they still doing what they planned ? I say NO. A month ago, my cousins were here from Lahore and UK. We planned to go to Cinepax. When i asked the buddy at ticket counter about the movies, he started naming Indian movies. No Pakistani movies and only one Hollywood movie. Movies like ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Love Aj kal’ were being displayed. Not just two movies, MANY. I am not interested in their industry so really don’t remember other movies’ names. And most importantly people were loving them like hell and I seriously dont know why. I took the ticket for ‘Land of the Lost’ of course after waiting in the queue and cursing cinepax and entered the theatre. When i reached my screen, i saw just max 5 -10 people were sitting there to watch this movie. I finally sat and DIGESTED that movie. Still, i will vote for this movie rather than voting for any Indian stuff

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