Baha'i House of Worship

Address: Delhi, India

Latitude: 28.5533650

Longitude: 77.2586500

Time Zone: Indian Standard Time

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Lotus Temple is one of the remarkable architectures of Bahai faith. It is located at Kalkaji in New Delhi. The temple looks like a lotus flower and is made of marble, cement, dolomite and sand. The temple has no restrictions for visitors and is open to people from all religions. The place provides immaculate environment for meditation, peace and wisdom. The Bahai temple was completed in 1986. Since then the temple has received recognition from all over the world for its splendid architecture and design. Lotus Temple is among the most visited monuments in India. The credit for building this beautiful structure goes to the Persian architect Fariborz Sahba from Canada.
Personifying Lotus in the temple does not merely mean giving a lotus shape to the edifice but it has a message to the people of India in the form of a manifestation from the almighty. Lotus is a symbol of peace, purity, love and immortality. It is this particular specialty of Lotus flower which makes the flower an important icon in Indian culture and society. This is why the design of Lotus temple has been inspired by lotus flower.

The design looks like a half opened Lotus flower with 27 freestanding "petals" made of marble. The architect, while designing the temple took into account the eternal beauty of Lotus flower. The construction work took almost 10 years before it finally got shape and was open for public. The team comprised of 800 engineers, technicians, workers and artisans who worked diligently to give realization to one of the most complex edifices in the world. The temple integrates the aesthetic values along with the technological influence within the whole structure. There are nine reflecting pools that encompass the temple from outside. Converting the geometry of the design that did not have any straight line to the actual structure needed a lot of effort and dedicated engineering.
The Lotus Temple that is located in South Delhi is also known as 'Bahai House of Worship'. This 20th century wonder made of marble, dolomite, cement and sand is dedicated in December 1986. This temple represents the Baha'i faith - founded by Baha'ullah, an independent world religion.

The Lotus Temple is in the form of a white half-opened lotus flower. This is one of the most visited structures in India. It is estimated the temple has attracted more than 50 million visitors since its inception.

Prayer sessions are conducted four times a day. Prayers of all religions are delivered during these sessions. The timings for prayer sessions are as follows:
10:00AM to 10:15AM
12:00PM to 12:15PM
3:00PM to 3:15 PM
5:00 PM to 5:15 PM

In the Information Centre of the temple, there is an exhibition showing the different aspects of Baha'i faith in the form of photographs and a 30-minute movie.

Similar in style to the Sydney Opera Hose, the Lotus Temple is located in the vast area of 26 acres of plush green land.

Entry fee : Free
Visiting hours:
Summer (Apr 1 to Sep 30): 9:00AM to 7:00 PM
Winter (Oct 1 to Mar 31)): 9:30AM to 5:30PM

From May 09 changes are done to opening time.

8:30a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
4:00p.m. to 07:30 p.m.
(Sunday closed)
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