Ghana General Post Office

Address: Accra, Ghana

Latitude: 5.5415550

Longitude: -0.2082060

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time

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The Central Post Office as it is popularly known by the 'locals' is near the Bank of Ghana, the Central Bank of Ghana.Near this Post Office used to be a place called Opera where films were shown at 12 noon for those who couldn't make it at night.The Central Post office is a very reliable place to buy items for postage like stamps, envelopes, post cards, to mention just three and also to post letters and post cards to dear and loved ones far and near across the world.
The General post office which is close to the high street of Accra Central has been the headquarters of the Ghana postal services since colonial times. The umbrella group used to be called the P&T before it got changed to GHANA POSTS. The General Post Office sells stamps, sends parcels and also transacts business in money transfers. It has a big mail sorting hall and provides mail boxes. When receiving dutiable parcels please go along with identification card or passport and if the mail box is not yours please get the slip endorse by the mail box owner.

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