Cerro Ancón

Address: Panama

Latitude: 8.9500000

Longitude: -79.5500000

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

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For the besy views of Panama you need to get up Cerro Ancon. There is a trail and a road that takes you to the top where yiu will find 360 degree views of the city, jungle, canal and sea. The big Panama flag is also at the top and hopefully you get a good breeze too.
You get a bird's eye view of Panama City. It's also the highest point in the city. It's my understanding that a few years ago those that hiked there would be robbed by thieves. I haven't heard any of that lately. Check with the Tourism Ministry to find out details.
Cerro Ancon is located in Panama right by the coast of the pacific ocean, lots of mistery and stories related to this hill, going from secret office inside it all the way to the controversial cable car going all the way from the top oh this hill to the cosway. to access it just go up the hill through the road that passes by administration building of the panama canal, keep going up until to get to the main trail, theres no charge to access it, the view from the top is amazing where you have the city and the coast on one side and the other you have the canal and the junlgE!!! monkeys and wild tropicals can be seen at all times during the hike!
It is a interesting place, couse it´s the taller point in the City, further, the history said the Panamenian were inpired to get the independance from USA, becouse the Poem write by Amelia Dennis De Icaza, dedicaded to the Ancon Hill Named: Poesia Al cerro Ancon.

On top of the hill you can find the tree named Panamá, it´s a interesting and a diferent tree especially by his fruit and it seed within a cover with the shape of 4 heart.
Just take about 15 minuts from the City to climb the Ancon Hill by carr, even you can climb by walking.
Also, on top, you find 3 diferents view points were you can enjoying diferent views of the city and the marvelous Pacific Ocean ant takes nice and beautyful picts
Cerro Ancón or Ancon Hill is the highest mountain in Panama city area with spectacular view over the city. You can walk to the top by two sides or go up by car. Cerro Ancón was part of former US Canal Zone Area that reverted to the people of Panama by the 31st of Decembar 1999; after Omar Torrijos and Jimmy Carter signed a new treaty on 1977.

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