Address: Lawrence Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Latitude: 31.5532460

Longitude: 74.3268300

Time Zone: Pakistan Standard Time

Categories: Activities, Attraction

Tags: Family, Tourist-free


Bagh-e-jinah is situated in the heart of Lahore on the shahrah-e-quaid-e-azam in front of the governor house. it is the one of the biggest parks of Pakistan. there is two libarareries situated in it one Dar-us-Salam laibarary and second Quid-e-Azam public laibarary. it is situated in the builduing whitch was once upon a time called Lahorer gemkhana. there are also two shirains in it. there are many kinds of trees planted in it and it is a good place for biards watchers. there are also to man made hills and a water fall in it. good natural honey is also available here whitch is gatheres from different trees in the park. over all it is a good place to visit.
Bagh-eJinnah is a historical park in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. It was formerly known as Lawrence Gardens. Today, the large green space contains a botanical garden, a mosque, and Jinnah library situated in a Victorian building. There are also entertainment and sports facilities within the park that comprise of an open-air theatre, a restaurant, tennis courts and the Gymkhana Cricket Ground. It is located on Lawrence Road next to Lahore Zoo, directly across from the Governor's House on The Mall.

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