Address: Badulla, Sri Lanka

Latitude: 6.9846820

Longitude: 81.0564730

Time Zone: Indian Standard Time

Categories: Activities, Attraction

Tags: Outdoors


Namunukula is the name of a mountain range in Sri Lanka's province of Uva. Its main peak is 6600 feet high. The name means "Nine Peaks". It also the name of a town near it which is sometimes called Namunukula Town (6° 52' N 81° 7' E). Here has great opportunity for trekking.
Namunukula is a range of mountains which lies in the eastern slopes of the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It has 9 peaks all together and is one of the highest peaks in Sri Lanka. top part of the mountains are covered with cloud forests which is home to some rare birds and butterfly such as "Ceylon Tiger" which is endemic to Sri Lanka.
Getting to the top is bit of a hard work but once you are up there -believe me - you will never regret that you made it up to the peak.

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