Address: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Latitude: 7.2969611

Longitude: 80.6384528

Time Zone: Indian Standard Time

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Paththini Devalaya is a religious place dedicated for Paththini Amma or Paththini Maniyo (translates to Mother Paththini). This is one of the several Paththini Devalayas (Paththini Kovils) in Sri Lanka. Kandy Paththini Devalaya in very close proximity to Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth).

According to the Legends, Paththini was a very loyal wife. Therefore this Devalaya is very famous among Sri Lankan women. Women seek help from Paththini Amma for weddings, happy marriage, children, health of children etc. It is believed a Pooja done at Paththini Devalaya will give blessings of Paththini Amma and that itself has great benefits.

Although the word Devalaya in Sinhala is translated to Kovil, we don't use the word Kovil for Sathara (4) Devalayas i.e. Vishnu, Kataragama, Natha and Paththini Devalaya. The reason being the Sathara devalayas belong to Dalada Maligawa and the devotees are - unlike kovils - mainly Sinhalese.

You can offer a 'Pooja Vatti' - a 'tray' full of fruits - to Paththini Amma and tell the 'Pusari' (priest) what you wish for. The Pusari will offer the pooja vatti to Paththini Maniyo and start chanting 'Manthra'. One Pooja takes about 5 minutes.

A section of the Kandy Asala Perahera is performed by the Paththini Devalaya.
There are four Kandyan Devales to the gods who are followers of Buddha and protect Sri Lanka. THe 14th - century Natha Devale is the oldest. It is on a stone terrace with a vine solid sculpture gateway. Bodhi trees and dagobas stand in the devale grounds. Adjacent is the simple Pattini Devale, dedicated to the godess of chastity. The Vishnu Devale on the other side of Raja Vidiya is reached by carved steps and features a drumming hall. The great Hindi god Vishnu is the guardian of Sri Lanka, demonstrating the intermingling of Hinduism and Buddhism. The brightly painted tower gateway of the Kataragama Devale demands attention amid the bustle on Kotugodelle Vidiya.

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