Duhaney Park, Kingston

Address: Duhaney Park, Kingston, Jamaica

Latitude: 18.0000000

Longitude: -76.8000000

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Categories: Activities, Lodging, Bars, Clubs, Nightlife

Tags: Family, $, Cultural


I certainly would not recommend visitors to Duhaney park in Kingston, If you are a Jamaican and coming home for a vacation, Yes and yet you still have to be very careful.Duhaney park is more centralized busy community. There are the good side and the bad side depending on the atmosphere streaming over there.
There are also small outlets of KFC, JuICI patties ,Island Grill and western Union in the Duhaney Park
shopping mall. A place to stay for tourist to experience the Kingston life unless they themselves are brave enough for this. Passing through is OK though as long as the car does not run out of gas.
this is a very beautiful and unusual house which is home to a family that was built by them and they offer an all inclusive lodging services complete with a 24hour showfer service and wifi internet.The castle which it is commonly called it is also used as a landmark and a point of reference with a very interesting history and culture.

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