Centro Comercial El Condado

Address: Quito, Ecuador

Latitude: -0.2166667

Longitude: -78.5000000

Time Zone: Ecuador Time

Categories: Shopping

Tags: Family


One of the better malls in Quito in my opinion. Great variety of shops from low end to high end, really easy to navigate, unlike some other malls in Quito where you feel like you're going in circles! Really big funky food court with nice views and public WiFi so you can even just go sit and catch up with your emails. There's a fun filled arcade with all sorts of games and amusements to just let loose. Also just a stone's throw from the Liga stadium so if you get your dates right you can go shopping then walk up the hill and catch a live match! And with plenty of buses passing by it's easy to get to and from.

Tip: Just make sure to ask the bus driver if they actually go to 'Condado Shopping' not just the Condado neighbourhood, or you might find yourself walking down a really long hill!

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