Excel World

Address: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Latitude: 6.9222620

Longitude: 79.8613570

Time Zone: Indian Standard Time

Categories: Activities

Tags: Outdoors, Family, Popular


This is a place for you to hang out at any time of the day and its open on weekends as well. There are lots of activities to do and places to have a meal or just sit and have chat with your family or friends.

Some of the features are, Bowlin alley, Pool Tables available, Gaming arena, Paint Balling, Shopping area, Food court. If your visiting here during Christmas season, you will find DJ's and also will be exposed to snow (artificially done in an enclosed space) and lots more. Go and enjoy.

Transport, there are loads of Tuk-Tuk's around who will be ready to take you to Excel World or you could hop on a Bus or take a Taxi/Cab.
A cinema, kids park, Bowling alley and self served dining area are all in house attractions at this popular hangout. Parking Tickets are a Nuisance, but will be refunded at the food counter.

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