Temple on the sea

Address: Waterloo, Trinidad & Tobago

Latitude: 10.4755515

Longitude: -61.4659139

Time Zone: Eastern Caribbean Time

Categories: Attraction, Culture

Tags: Tourist-free, Popular


An interesting place to visit whether you are Hindu, or not. Very serene. Great views over the Gulf of Paria to Caroni swamps and Port of Spain. Lots of photo opportunities: rustic boats, prayer flags, funeral pyres, relics of worship: deyas, pots, buddhas in the mud at the edge of the water.
An easy drive from Port of Spain, plenty of free parking.
For those visiting Chaguanas and the west-central coast of Trinidad, the Temple in the Sea at Waterloo is an attraction that you’ll do well to include on the itinerary. Constructed in 1947 by a zealous Indian laborer named Seedas Sadhu, the original Waterloo Temple met a quick demise at the hands of the government. Sadhu would not be deterred from realizing his ultimate goal of erecting a sacred Hindu temple on the coast, however, and he again took to the task. Some called Sadhu mad at the time, but it’s not likely that those people realized how prolific his temple would become. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, and the Waterloo Temple in Trinidad is a fine example of human persistence.

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