Hi, I am looking to do t-shirt printing in Thailand, more specifically, silk-screen printing on 100% cotton T-shirts with labels...

...included. The quantity would probably be about 100 pieces. Where should I go to look for a reliable printer and approximately how much would it cost? Thank you very much.


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Good evening, I don't know if I can help you, I can only do my best.
Fist of all, do you want to make the T-shirts with your own design or do want to buy them already produced.
And the to the printing, how many colors do you want to print in.
if we start from there maybe I can help you on the way.

God speed Anders
Hi Anders, thanks for the reply. I am looking to print my own design with about 2 colours per design. Do excuse me for the lack of details. Thank you.
Hi, I've worked many years in the garment business so I'm able to give you some answers. Since the quantity is quit small, best you can do is to go to pratunam textile market, select the desired T-shirt and have your custom made print, printed on it. Depending on the size and colors of the print per side THB 5 - 50 per piece. Normally with a small quantity and having no relationship with the wholesaler/printer you will be charged "block-cost" about THB 3000 -THB 5000 extra.
Hope this is of help for you.


PS if you don't want the hassle, you can also contact me direct
You can go to MBK shopping center.
it's on Siam Station,
Start from the ground floor then go up.
There are many shops there for printing on papers and shirts.
Hi Frederico, thanks for the information, I will keep that in mind and will check it out when I am there. Thanks.
MBK is worth a look but it is at the National Stadium BTS stop, not Siam. But i would first check out Pratunam Shopping Mall as advised.

The cost all depends on the size and colours of the logo. Whether you want logo's front and back and how quickly you want them.

A good ball park figure would be around 5,000 Baht.
I can only reccomend these printers in Phuket, as Thailand is too big to advise on all of the printers here.
The printers in Phuket are A.M. T - Shirt / Silk Screen, email:

The costs would be the t - shirts, setting up the screens, the inks and colours used and the printing. You have your own design, so you would save on this cost.
Hope this helps you.
Hi--i am producing T-shirt and other textile products for local and foreign customers.
T-shirt with graphic that I am selling now, with a simple print graphic using plastisol or rubber print on 100% cotton single jersey cost from around 120 baht -180 baht per unit depening on qnt, graphic and fabric color. Dip dyed and Tie Dyed cost about 50 baht extra per unit.
Block charge will be applied when qnt. doesn't meet minimum of 300 units/ design. Block charge is 300 baht per screen..such as one design would have 5 screen, the block charge will be 3x500= 1500 baht.
you can contact me directly for further information. you can also go to Pratunam and Platinum for further sourcing. They also have shipping service for you there.
Good Luck.
Hello. I wouuld say that the best deal is to buy and print at the same place if price is a item. Go to Pratunan market and enquire around alsoa lot of T shirts are on sale at Bayoke 2 tower in Pratunam many shipping agentalso around this area, you can also get your own label made at the backside of the market near the Phillipine store.
Sorry I cannot real help you except to say that most of the "T" shirts here are manufactured in China these days

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