how many tourists spots there in your city? what will be the total package cost for 1week ?


Country: Netherlands


How many??? The whole country awaits anyone interested and willing to see or spend a royal time when in Holland...:)

Its best to let me know what your plans or itinerary is and ususally, you have more value than you need to worry about the package costs. Click on my other Services at the ASK button and I can answer specifically, it works better for your q'n too. Btw, you can also indicate your budget for a few hours, a full day or several days and what you specifically wish to include etc... its all up to you and we will discuss what is best to suit yr budget and make your holiday a spectacular expeience altogether... Cheersch to you as we say it here in Holland!!
My city Breda has many tourist spots. But as Gun said, please be more specific before we can help you out. Check my pages to see what I can offer in Breda and surroundings!
My area, Maastricht, Valkenburg and the Hill country around it (de Heuvelland) are where the northern ners come for week-end getaways. Maastricht alone is a must-see city.

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