We like hiking and being out in nature and we're going to be in Copenhagen in the spring. What is there to do nearby?


City: Copenhagen

County: Kobenhavn

Country: Denmark


Well - its all about what "nearby" means.. let me give you some of the places that I would consider - google them and choose for yourself.
Dyrehaven - a park/forest with nice paths - lots of Deers and a nice chance to enjoy a jog..
Lyngby kanoudlejning - rent a canoo and enjoy a beautiful place just north of Copenhagen
Boserup skov - just west of Roskilde - a fantastic forest with some scenic places that are second to none.
Kullen - now this is Sweden - but only about 3 hours from Copenhagen... beautiful rocky place with possibilities for hikes and climbs
Møns Klint - still DK and about 2 hours from Copenhagen - wonderful place.

Enjoy your stay, and if you want further information - feel free to ask more :-D
if you are really into being natural, I can as well recommend you, if you happen to be in Copenhagen by next spring, to take a tour to Maribo natural park, where you will have the opportunity to see quite an amazing rich birdy life. I was there myself last week, and I am longing to be back soon.
In the near vicinity of Copenhagen...15 mins from city center, you can find the Area called - Amager Fælled.
It´s an area well suited for long hikes, but be sure to get a guide of the area.
Take the Metro to the station - Vestamager
"Natures Metrostation"
Only 5-10 mins walk from there, you will find - Naturcenter Vestamager.
Use this as a starting point. There are toilets, café, Bike hire, tons of information about the large area, where you can spend a hole day exploring.
There is a rich varerity of birds in the area, and the main paved roads are well visiited by joggers, rollerskaters and bikers, but you can easily find secluded places with fantastic views of the landscape.

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